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Editorial #119, So Called Experts, aired November 14, 2019

Editorial #119 So Called Experts

The flood of, so called, experts keep coming onto the media stage with subjects like climate change, human trafficking and gun control always seeming to get the most attention. It is not surprising these stories evaporate when issues like pedophilia or corruption start to expose the hypocrisy of the deep state.

What is more incredible, the media uses of examples of incompetence like a high school girl from Sweden or a kid from Florida as experts on climate change and gun violence. We now have an entire Broadcast network complicit hiding evidence of pedophilia on high profile individuals in industry and government.

The latest ploy is Jane Fonda forcing herself on the scene. She better known as Hanoi Jane, the real life traitor to our troops in Viet Nam when she sided with the North as a war protestor. She is another fake expert as she has played parts of a whistle blower in a toxic waste disaster, farmer’s wife during the farm crisis, nuclear expert after Three Mile Island and now an environmental expert on global warming with her book. The commonality of all these situations is she was always on the wrong side of the debate.

The farm disaster was a result of bad economic policies during the Carter Administration. Nuclear energy is the safest most reliable form of energy production. Man-made global warming is a complete hoax and the anti-war antic of Hanoi Jane caused torture and lives of our precious troops who fought there and Jeffery Epstein did not kill himself. Every time their debate is used on any subject, it makes situations worse with false narratives continuing to persist in society as a result.

The Hollywood elites have greased the skids of liberal politicians who jumped on this bandwagon of vacuous ideas. They cause an entire generation to think they can violate the laws of physics, chemistry and economics because they used lovable kids, an actor in a movie or an entire news networks who controlled the narrative.

In the consulting world, we always had “smart people” who we would use to test ideas or concepts. In that group there was always one person we would note: whatever answer they gave, always to the opposite as they were always wrong.
Today Jane Fonda, high school kids, the fake news networks and the entire liberal elites are the personality, to which one should never listen. They have never been right on any subject. The government is loaded with these “loose end” politicians who come from areas where cities that are dirty, bankrupt, corrupt, lawless and environmental disasters. The hypocrisy is they want us to vote for them for president or be the leader of movements to fix the world, but they consistently come from areas where dysfunctionality is most rampant.

It is insulting to think anyone would vote for or listen to the advice from individuals who have never been successful, organized or improve the lot of anyone who entrusted them to make the world a better place after they were elected or given a forum as an expert.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

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