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Editorial #109 Plant Burgers aired October 8, 2019

Editorial #109 Plant Burgers

It is incredible to see the fast food industry aggressively advertise plant based meats during Husker games. Meat is Nebraska’s largest industry. So why should we buy plant based artificial meat processed with chemicals and additives that is more expensive, more labor intensive, has more calories and sodium with questionable health benefits in place of real meat?

It is because of the man-made global warming hoax and the animal rights movement. Consumers are indoctrinated into thinking cow flatulence contribute to global warming and animals should not be used for food.

It is difficult to understand the logic of those who believe in man-made global warming. They want us buy things to fix problems that don’t exist with products that have little or no effect on the climate. None of their climate predictions have come to pass over the past 75 years with the world cleaner now than since the start of the industrial age. But they continue to insist the problem is getting worse.

The inefficiencies in all these alternative ideas are as funny as any Rube Goldberg cartoon. Plants are being used to make meat substitutes instead of letting cattle do it naturally. Fuel is made using perfectly good food to power machinery making more food to burn. Wind towers use more energy to manufacture and install than the energy saved before they wear out. Electric cars need fossil fuel generators to charge their batteries. The U.S. energy grid would need to be four times larger if all cars were electric. Only 10% of the country’s energy comes from wind and solar. These two sources are the most expensive, least reliable sources of energy and require batteries with a huge carbon footprints and need generators fueled with fossil fuel as backup. Hydro power is maxed out, not considering all the land that would need to be flooded.

The climate is warming but co-incidence does not prove causation. Man is not causing the climate to change, but we must all do our part to conserve natural resources. Climate scientist are frustrated engineers who insist on violating the laws of physics and failed at understanding cause and effect. This is why they flunked out of engineering school. Scientist only hypothesize, never proving anything. Their pay check depends on continuing the hoax that climate change is man made. Go Big Red and eat real meat.
This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

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