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Editorial #108 Discrimination and Hypocrisy aired October 3, 2019

Editorial #108 Discrimination and Hypocrisy

There are two words I hate: discrimination and hypocrisy. We all have likes and dislikes but political correctness has so infected society that just thinking about disliking something is being called racist. It seems discrimination is being found everywhere. It is the only card the PC movement has when all logical arguments fail.

The hypocrisy is when those who preach inclusiveness, tolerance, compassion and diversification but express hate, aggression, and ridicule toward everyone who disagrees with them.

The movements of gender issues, minimum wage, food stamps, women’s rights, black lives matter, Antifa, occupy Wall Street, affirmative action, black and Hispanic history month and gay rights are all examples of discrimination with hypocrisy a necessary ingredient for these issues to have any traction. Their focus on differences enforces agendas, demanding anyone who does not tolerate their dysfunctionality be accused of hatred, bigotry and closed mindedness. It is used more to inflect revenge than unify.

We are all different. Praising diversification or differences should not be something that is admired or encouraged. Diversification is a fact of life and not an advantage to anyone. Their definition of diversity means ignoring patriotism and our laws, giving permission to be dysfunctional. This is closer to treason or anarchy.

We all have preferences. We must live by the good neighbor policy with laws that says we should not lie, cheat, steal or kill. All we can do is set a good example by living these rules. We must talk the talk and walk the walk. If we don’t, we are hypocrites. Social justice warriors of today cannot see the hypocrisy and discrimination of their actions. They believe it is a means to an end.

We, the people, are the leaders of the country with tough love and the golden rule the best way to survive life. We cannot expect the government to babysit us from the cradle to the grave, because we don’t want to deal with the hand life dealt us. It is not what we do in life, but what we overcome to set that good example.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

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