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Editorial #105 Discrimination and Fed Policy aired October 10, 2019

Editorial #105 Discrimination and Fed Policy

I addressed my contempt for the words: Discrimination and hypocrisy in editorial #108. The examples of these perversions seem to be hitting us like an avalanche with issues like impeachment, education, Federal Reserve Policy and climate change only the tip of the iceberg (pun intended).

The latest accusations of discrimination are with Federal Reserve Policy, the stock market and the teaching of mathematics in our public schools. All seem so remote, that I could not conceive them as discriminatory in my wildest dreams. But, apparently some think they are.

The Federal Reserve is a part of our economic system that few people understand. Simply, it is a system to control the money supply to make sure the dollar has an agreed upon value that we can all trust. The discrimination claim is the Fed interest rate decisions make it harder for the poor to function in our economy. The poor have difficulty borrowing money and it is the Federal Reserve’s fault because they want to keep the poor from getting ahead. Incredible!

The Stock Market is a way for anyone to buy a part of any company on the stock exchange. We are all in the market in some way, whether we know it or not. Anyone who has money in a bank, insurance policy or retirement account is in the stock market. If a company does well, the stock price goes up and your investment grows. The social justice warriors believe a company’s only purpose should be only to provide jobs, insurance and retirement for all the workers and not make money. They call these companies mean and cruel because they only care about their investors. Since the poor don’t own stocks or have any money, they claim the stock market is discriminatory.

The claim that math is discriminatory is a real stretch. Since math is hard for some, they feel there is a need to be compassionate for those who can’t balance their checkbook. Their premise is math in not subjective and open for interpretation. This is the basis for common core. It does not give credit for their effort in getting the wrong answer. The teacher is a dictator who is cruel, mean, intolerant and discriminating against those who won’t or can’t learn the subject.

These excuses used by social justice warriors to gain a political advantage, by making citizens feel they are victims, is getting out of hand. To have our public schools teach this propaganda instead of teaching civics, economics, math and investing is child abuse. They are indoctrinating our future generation to be slaves, who are completely dependent upon a government who will baby sit them from the cradle to the grave, if they elect and follow these self-serving, hypocrites who preach this garbage.

Our job, in making the world a better place, is for all of us to teach the ways of the world to those we love and not default to letting the government raise our children for us.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

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