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Editorial #56 Diversity and Fake News aired April 9, 2019

Editorial #56 Diversity and Fake News April 9, 2019

This seems to be the time of year where entire months are dedicated, by someone, to recognize certain groups, professions, ethic classes or sexual orientation categories and declare that diversity is a blessing. I have not been able to figure out who makes these declarations or what are we are supposed to do once these recognitions are announced.

In this age of political correctness, social justice and fake news it is considered impolite to point this out. The fact is the simple act of anyone pointing this out in the first place is actually racist. But with the happenings of the past few months regarding the Judge Kavanagh hearing, the Mueller investigation, abortion after birth or the faux Jessie Smollett attack, nothing seems to evolve in the fashion to which we are accustom. Accusations are made with no proof, conclusions are declared with no evidence, with actual evidence ignored with legal precedence having no meaning if it exposes positions contrary to the liberal agenda.

By using the word diversity, in their attempt to eliminate racism, construes almost anything into discrimination. The result is the exacerbation of the very problem about which they are complaining and trying to correct. Now we have a scandal where parents of students who failed to meet entrance requirements and fall outside of affirmative action standards are being prosecuted for bribery.

The social justice warriors use any or all of these ploys to impugn and deflect any evidence that does not advance their liberal agenda. The declaration that diversity “makes this country great” is also a false conclusion and a myth perpetrated to advance their agenda. Diversity is simply a fact. It has no advantage or disadvantage. They use the word diversity to allow anyone can do “their thing”, contrary to our laws and American customs. It gives permission to resist assimilation into The United States citizenry and ignore our constitution. It encourages the practice of their ethnic customs, that are often contrary to ours while expecting us to accept their customs instead.

It goes to the point where they consider it their right to demand that food, customs and religious practices conform to their ethnic traditions with atrocities against Christians are completely ignored. This is the crux of our problem and should not be tolerated out of compassion. If in France you do as the French do and no one should expect us to change our customs to appease their demands in the spirit of diversity.

Terms like white privilege, racist, homophobe, sexist or redefining the definitions of words, is how the media instantly summarizes this mindset. It is design to neutralize any attempt at fairness, ignore rules of law or precedence that exposes any hypocrisy.

If someone declares things like white history month, men’s movement, straight pride month or the Caucasian caucus were announced, they would immediately be sued on grounds of discrimination or racism and have their career completely ruined. But the list of groups that excludes any white, straight, male has the blessing of the media and is perfectly acceptable.

This double standard is becoming intolerable and completely ignores any logical conclusions from fairness, truth, sustainability or integrity. It is simply wrong for illegal immigrates to be told they are not breaking the law, or mothers can kill her baby after it is born or it is acceptable to discriminate against someone if you don’t agree with their point of view. Talk of reparations and rules of affirmative action are the epitome of unfairness and plants the seeds of civil war where things like murder, discrimination, merit based advancement or legal precedence have no traditional meaning anymore.

These attempts at situational ethics or tolerating what was previously abhorrent is undermining our very system of government and is justified because we are a democracy and if the majority wants it, they can make it a law. This is the slippery slope of socialism and the reason we have a constitutional republic so the rights of the individual cannot be taken away by the whims of the indoctrinated masses.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

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