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Editorial #35 Government Shut Down January 8, 2019

Editorial #35 Government Shut Down aired January 10, 2019

It has always amazed me that the function of our government has little resemblance to anything we do in our private lives.
The bickering over issues that were universally accepted a few year back now become points of contention and bargaining chips in the functioning and operation of the largest business in the country…..our federal government.
The current argument over funding a relatively insignificant expenditure for border security makes about as much sense as not buying locks for your house because you don’t like the local locksmith.
Calls for the issue to be uncompassionate, unfair and ineffective makes little sense when compared to one locking their home to keep out those wandering the streets looking for food, but won’t protect our country’s assets from those who want to use our welfare system dishonestly.
These inconsistencies are the result of situational ethics, political correctness and self-serving agendas that keep bureaucracies expanding, our national debt rising and welfare rolls growing. The incentive for government to stop this is almost non-existent. The more people they get depended on the government, the more power they possess…..and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
The thinking of the liberal elite is any money spent is good for the economy regardless if it comes from the government or the private sector. The sad part is the government’s money is our money. The only difference is we, as private citizens, decide where we spend our money to make sure we get a good value. That doesn’t seem to happen in government. It seems it spends money to only buy votes by penalizing the successful who pay taxes to give it to those who don’t, to get their vote to keep them in office.
Again, the function of our government is to do only three things: Provide National Security, Build infrastructure so business and society can function and make laws to keep things fair. This is what provides the domestic tranquility mentioned in the constitution so we can do our business and make our living without being robbed, have roads and bridges so we can get around with a system of laws that protects our personal rights. It is not to provide a carefree existence, from the cradle to the grave, for everyone regardless of whether they neglected their personal responsibility to themselves or the society.
Any attempt to hold our country hostage because they don’t like the laws of immigration designed to keep us safe is irresponsible, unfair to law bidding citizens and unpatriotic.
We should all expect our government to do exactly the same things we do in our private lives and hope our politician are not influenced by the desire to be popular by spending your money doing what the bureaucracies tell them. We lock our doors, pay our bills and observe the laws designed to keep things fair so we can have a sustainable future for our children and their children. I will always work and pray our government does the same thing and I hope you do the same as well.
This is Keith Kube wishing you all to do your best to make Nebraska and the world a better place.

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