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Editorial #331 “Just Follow the Money” aired on October 26, 2021

Editorial #331 Just Follow the Money

“Just follow the money” is a statement used to explain all the inexplicable occurring in today’s mafia-like world we thought happened only in movies.

Dysfunctional bureaucracies spawn this corruption, violating the entire spectrum of human rights and Our Constitution. They are constantly finding better ways to disguise money trails, by using propaganda, subcontractors, consultants, corporations and lobbyists funded by the richest people in the world.

If I wanted to rule the world I would do three things: Reduce the population, Invent a pandemic and fabricate a climate crisis.

If we follow the money, mindless chants like “My body, my choice”, “Save the Planet” and “Get the Jab”, shows abortion, vaccines and man-made climate change all have long money trails with less than honest agendas.

To reduce the birth rate, encourage abortion by ignoring the fact that a baby is another human life being executed.   “My body, my choice” applies before taking actions that could result in pregnancy. When does a mother have the right to kill her own child?   Smaller populations are easier to control. Fewer people require less resources that elites want for themselves. They are trying to put the planet in a “mason jar” to preserve for their personal use.

Insist man-made climate change is going to destroy the planet.  This warning is over 40 years old with a wealth of information being disregarded.  There is more money to be made by scaring us. Over the past 2000 years, a warming climates increased prosperity.  The dark ages were not dark, they were cold, ending when the natural global heating cycle started.  Food production is always decreases during cooling cycles. CO2 is a vital ingredient needed for plant growth, next to water.  CO2 is a by-product, in the greenhouse gas cocktail, in the production of energy. Only 5% of all the CO2 on the planet is man-made. Attempts to reduce man-made CO2 is very expensive, showing no connection to real life research or scientific premises.

To reduce population further, make it more expensive to grow food and keep warm.  Large amounts of money and energy are required to make and use energy alternatives.  Fossil fuel and nuclear fuel are the cheapest and the only sources of energy that can provide sustainable energy for large populations. The current fossil/nuclear system produces the smallest net carbon footprint compared to any Rube Goldberg alternative energy invention.  Alternatives take more energy to mine the vital rare earth elements for systems like electric cars and generators.  This produces a larger carbon footprint during manufacturing than any reduction realized before the equipment is scrapped and replaced.

Canceling pipelines and fossil fuel exploration, increases the price of fossil fuel energy.  The money trail makes alternatives more competitive with fossil fuel. Alternatives currently meets less than 12% of the country’s energy demand because they are undependable, expensive and very inefficient.

It is impossible to build enough alternative energy systems to meet the country’s demand. It would require a threefold increase in the country’s electricity production to power cars if they were all EV. These new plants must produce the same amount of energy being burned in all the internal combustion vehicles. Where is the reduction in the carbon footprint?  All EV cars are indirectly powered with fossil fuels or nuclear power.

By taking land out of production, disguising it as necessary to preserve ‘our beautiful country’, is the next money trail.  Their “30 by 30” plan is part of the ‘green new deal’, intended to convert 30% of all land in the United States into national parks by 2030.  This ‘mason jar’ analogy reduces the ability to produce animal feed for raising meat. The actual objective is to reduce the number of farmers, with the remainder growing only plant based protein for human consumption on land purchased by elites who want to control the world.  Look at the 150 million Chinese who died when their agricultural jobs and homes were taken under Mao Zedong’s effort to control the population.

Fewer cows and pigs is intended to reduce the output of CO2 and methane. That amount is less than 1% of the 5% of man’s contribution. There is no evidence that meniscal reduction would have any effect on the planet. Plant based meat is considerably more expensive, lace with drugs and chemicals, requiring more energy, infrastructure and contains less proteins than animal proteins. Where is the reduction in the carbon footprint?  Just follow the money!

It is easier to control a drug dependent society with more drugs, produced by large corporations and cartels.  Test kits, which cure no one, keep more people scared, raising the demand due to a lack of supply, making things more expensive and less available.  Lower costs of production gives more profit for the same product. Large corporations love this.

The money trail is often buried three levels deep, with systemic corruption infecting an ever larger part of our gross domestic product. The trail always leads to government spending with draconian laws favoring large pharmaceutical companies, producing vaccines distributed for free, and makers of alternative energy equipment that has no effect on climate change.  There is much more money being made by keeping the pandemic going, scaring us to death about the climate and selling us more drugs to keep us addicted.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

Keith has a regular commentary on WJAG 780 radio at 7:40 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.   Check his website for past editorials.

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