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Editorial #332 “Ways to Destroy Untruths” aired on October 28, 2021

Editorial #332 Ways to Destroy Untruths

Nothing can be hidden from eventual truth and knowledge.  I just wish it would not take so long.

Technology is both destroying and increasing understanding.  The vital ingredient needed to make it useful is logic and reasoning.  That is something technology cannot deliver.  A hammer can’t pound nails without someone swinging it.   Technology gives answers to questions we didn’t know we had.  Technology makes no one smarter, it just raises the level of mediocrity.  You can’t give right answers to the wrong question and typing a page without errors is now standard procedure, even for someone who never learned to type. Technology was meant to save time giving more information quicker. But, productivity did not improve, it only gave longer periods to play solitaire.

Truth, justice, self-reliance and integrity made this country great and it wasn’t through technology.  Technology only shortened the time for implementing man-made policies, national boards, committees and bureaucracies to set up the swindles making situations worse.  “Government with the aid of technology has invaded and perverted churches, communities and schools. Technology, using ‘cancel culture’ can destroy our ability to think, unite or show initiative and courage.

Seeking solutions through technology, is sold to be the modern day idol who has all the answers. It is just a simple machine, not an idol, programmed with formulas that advances the bias of the programmers.
Technology is the slave master giving us mediocrity, entitlement and revised values.  Ambiguities used in today’s propaganda are designed to confuse. Standard definitions are re-characterized making the new definitions mean the exact opposite.  Dishonest agendas are always made to look moral and upstanding.

Equity means they want everyone to end up at the same place regardless of effort. That does not mean Equality where no laws can favor any race, sex, religion or national origin. To them, diversity means appearance is the only qualifier with no consideration for accomplishments. This violates the age old adage: “Never judge a book by its cover.” If one fits their stereotype, qualifications mean nothing.

Inclusion now means ‘do your own thing regardless of our country’s laws’.  Historically, assimilation meant agreeing with our country’s values and standards. No immigrant can escape discrimination if they push their unjust customs from their old country.

Abortion is murder, not a form of health care. Civil Rights means all citizens abide by The Golden Rule.  It is not looking for differences to justify reparations from those whose ancestors treated other ancestors badly one hundred fifty years ago.  These terrible atrocities have no standing in how we treat each other today.

These are classic methods justifying unethical, unjust and inconsistent cultures. Evil labeled good.  Wrong judged as right.  Mob opinion imposed as truth, defined as majority rule immune to objective testing based on science, math and physics.  We cannot demand that 2+2 = 5 as truth, but be willing to compromise on 4 ½.

These recharacterized words and untruths must be challenged, otherwise we are complicit. Being silent are the methods of cowards. Apathy about lies and oppression has taken root in the cultures of our country.

Political correctness has nothing ‘correct’ about it.  It is imposing values that are incompatible with freedom, liberty and dignity. Discouraging public discourse, by closing churches, schools and public gatherings leaves the path open for advancing a dehumanizing, atheist, new world order agenda.  Talking about politics and religion is not gauche. It is exactly the right thing to do.

“Fair” means applying reciprocity. Would any agreement stand if the tables were turned?  Are mandates and decrees about healthcare that does not following credible science and proven methods, fair?  Is ignoring the laws of physics, chemistry and math to advance dishonest agendas, truth?  Is using money that does not come from the solution proposed, sustainable?

The real truth and fairness has integrity.  It means, if all the “little secrets” about agendas were exposed and put on the front page of the paper, would those proposing it be embarrassed and able to credibly defend themselves?

Truth is based on God’s natural law and objective science. How we feel from day to day is not a credible barometer for fairness or truth.  We are a culture of objective truths, otherwise we are slaves to corrupt politicians who lied when they said they would uphold our constitution that says we are: “One nation under God with liberty and justice for all”.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

Keith has a regular commentary on WJAG 780 radio at 7:40 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.   Check his website for past editorials.

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