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Editorial #290 “The Art of Cry Bullying” aired on June 8, 2021

Editorial #290 The Art of Cry Bullying

There is new political weapon called “Cry Bullying”. This is when a bully feels they are losing control after relentless bullying, and then cries for sympathy when confronted by authorities.  The classic example is a popular girl in high school picking on a less popular classmate.  When the victim retaliates the popular girl cries for sympathy by denying it or pleading she didn’t mean it.

A more current example, is a mask wearer who sees someone not wearing a mask and confronts them, accusing them of being heartless and selfish.  That accuser reports it to authorities, claiming fear of getting sick.  Often the mask is only a tool they use for virtue signaling, as it has been shown it does little to protect against Covid.

This “Cry Bullying” tactic is an outgrowth of the cynical phrase: “Never let a good disaster go to waste.”  White House press conferences have become “cry bully” sessions.  They justify unconstitutional tactics by expressing fake compassion for the poor, minorities, the unemployed and illegals by catering to these snowflakes.  They give tearful performances filled with politically correct outrage and the bigotry of low expectations, promising giveaways and special favors.  The irony is they are addressing problems they created by their incompetent agenda.

Another example is Fortune 500 companies not employing individuals who supported Trump or expressed opinions contrary to political correctness.  This tyrannical punishment is “cry bullying”. They justify censoring on social media, killing careers and livelihoods, if it advances their globalist, new world order domination agenda.

Banks and credit card companies threaten to withhold financial services from businesses who are related to guns, fossil fuel production or the manufacturing of products they deemed non-organic is “Cry Bullying”.  Yet, they cruise the country in their private jets, advancing their “Cry Bullying” capabilities, while living on beaches they say are going to be flooded by global warming.

Federal judges are becoming “cry bullies”. They sob that their courageous hard work, advancing social justice, critical race theory or other “woke” issues are making them targets, when they blatantly violate any sense of morality, rule of law or understanding of America’s core values.   Their rulings disrespect human dignity and the individual condition by promoting reverse racism, election fraud and transgender terrorism, yet they cannot understand why people are so angry with them.

When confronted, they seek sympathy from the deep state, which advances these “cry bully” tactics under the claim of saving the planet, while human worth and sustainability is given little consideration.  We may ask: “For whom are they saving the planet?”

The liberal media and Big Tech are very skilled at using “Cry Bully” tactics. But they are paranoid and fearful of the newly emerging rage they created.  They see their liberal political advantage fleeting with the 2022 election fast approaching. They must overplay their hand knowing time is against them.

We can stop this travesty with each of us spreading this message.  In the meantime, we must pray we recognize this evil before it reaches the point of no return and considered perfectly acceptable.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

Keith has a regular commentary on WJAG 780 radio at 7:40 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.   Check his website for past editorials.

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