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Editorial #288 “Which Tail Wags Which Dog?” aired on June 3, 2021

Editorial #288 Which Tail Wags Which Dog?

It will surprise no one to say we have freedom of speech in this country.  But it might be news to many who presume they are well informed about who the press is and what it does

Is the press a microscope, taking a very close look at everything for accuracy, fairness or honesty?  Is the press a mirror that reflects what we want to see?  Is the press a tool to coerce us to accept things that are lies or disingenuous? Is the press a weapon to promote opposition to our constitutional principles? Is the press the actual leader of our country?  Is the press a pseudo legal system where laws they don’t like are censored, ignored or manipulated to never prosecute the perpetrators?  The most disturbing question: Is a free press even possible in a world where courts are packed with un-elected judges the press likes?

The press is actually a powerful machine that circumvents our First Amendment rights by calling it outdated. It influences elections, without having a vote.  It is a weapon that deploys propaganda, lies and partisan rhetoric to destroy its enemies.  It uses our education system, with innocent children as human shields, by teaching talking points to neutralize conservative opposition. Their real target is the hearts and minds of our future citizens, needed to continue their war of evil.

A handful of oligarchs have purchased nearly every venue of the mainstream news, because they discovered it is easier and cheaper than organizing and financing a campaign for votes to rule the world. They hide their identity or deflect what they are doing by associating with charitable or environmental organizations with ties to deep state globalism.

Their influence keeps the lowest life form, the career politician, fully subservient and complicit. These politicians are given access to inside information that provides them wealth that a career in government would never otherwise provide.  They are the pawn in this game of political chess getting rich and re-elected, with the help of the media who controls them.

The bottom line is neither political party is running our country. It is the press, disguised to hide their communist style dictatorship, organized by thugs gutted of humanity and no sense of patriotism. This explains why they hated the Trump administration because it was exposing this hypocrisy and corruption.

The only way to fight this war is to stop listening to any national broadcasts and social media.  It is never news but an endless stream of examples showing our core values being destroyed.  It is designed to agitate and antagonize to gain attention which fuels opposition escalating everything to a level of chaos.  These events are then spun into false narratives to justify faux righteous revenge.

The greatest form of insult is to completely ignore someone and treat them as if they don’t exist. The only way this evil can harm us is if we let them, by acknowledging their existence.  Evil depends on being noticed.

Right will prevail as it always has, but we must pray that we are not seduced onto this road to hell paved with good intentions disguise as compassion, equity and social justice.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

Keith has a regular commentary on WJAG 780 radio at 7:40 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  Check his website for past editorials.

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