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Editorial #282 “The Secret Parallels” aired on May 27, 2021

Editorial #282 The Secret Parallels  

This is a fundamental fact of life: no one like to be sold. We don’t need to be sold on buying food, water or heat.  We must have it to live.  Marketing is the art of having us want things we didn’t know we needed.  The industry of marketing, through advertising, uses psychology to create that need, subliminally.  This happens only in a capitalistic society. Marketing is the art of knowing what people want before they realize they need it and meeting that desire with exactly the right product.

A growing economy must spend on items we don’t actually need. An economy cannot grow with a static population.  People buy what they need to live with the amount about the same for everyone.  We only need enough food and water to have strength to procreate. After that is accomplished everything else is done to help the next generation do the same thing.

For any economy to grow the population must either have more children or it spend more money on ourselves, buying only that which improves a selfish way of life, with fewer children.

Socialism is based on people believing government will provide enough food, water and keep them warm. The “secret sauce” in this formula is called “equity”, where everyone is sold on the fact we must all be equally miserable.  Citizens are also sold on eliminating God. They are shamed from wanting more and discouraged from applying science to solve problems with the government deciding what science to use. Society becomes a slave to that government upon which they are completely dependent. This explains why a socialistic government wants abortion, limited energy production and persecutes private businesses.  The government does not want competition. They want controls on a population with low expectations.  This naturally encourages drug use, violence, child trafficking, abortion and corruption if there is no eternal life to anticipate.

An economy will not grow if personal responsibility is discouraged and abortion is used to control the population. It will become addicted to that which occupies free time looking for more creative creature comforts.  We actually don’t need cell phones, cars, jewelry, movies, drugs, alcohol or electricity to live, but we desperately want them to entertain ourselves.  And that society rationalize: there is no need for God.

A government cannot get something from nothing or give what it does not have. The law of entropy always applies as everything moves to its most random state without energy input. We all want the same things, but we must work and protect which we have, and not let the government decide how to redistribute the fruits of our labor by taking away our guns.

All government problems come from economic, social, environmental or health care components that the government tries to provide for free. This eliminates any incentive to work as the outcome is always “equity” in misery.  Capitalism, with a core belief in God, will always win because it does not violate the laws of nature which God designed for the world and eternity.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

Keith has a regular commentary on WJAG 780 radio at 7:40 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  Check his website for past editorials.

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