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Editorial #269 “Seven Sins of a Failing Society” aired on March 16, 2021

Editorial #269 Seven Social Sins of A Failing Society

Mahatma Gandhi described the seven social sins found in every failed society. These vices pervade the mentality and agenda of today’s politically correct snowflakes and deep state’s liberal progressives.

1. Wealth without Work
2. Pleasure without Conscience
3. Knowledge without Character
4. Commerce without Morality
5. Science without Humanity
6. Worship without Sacrifice
7. Politics without Principles

These sins are endemic to a godless society where “The ends justifies the means”. This culture is snuffing out The Golden Rule, The Ten Commandments, our moral compass and any consciousness of eternal life. Our founders realized that a capitalistic system of government, without God, would be “survival of the fittest” and fundamentally the law of the jungle.

Acknowledging humanity’s superiority over all other animals is due to our awareness of time and our being made in the image of God. Our founders declared our country to be “One Nation under God”, where laws are guided by the principles of “The Golden Rule” and the Ten Commandments.

George Washington said: “It is impossible to rightly govern a nation without God.” The elimination of God forces society to trust government instead.

The pandemic relief package and “For the People Act”,known as HR 1, are corrupt and subversive actions coming from non-representative acts of Congress and the president. It virtually locks in all seven social sins, violating our core values of truth, fairness, sustainability and integrity.

It undermines trust in our government and erodes the value of our currency. The government would then have to feed us like pigs at the public trough, or slaves on a plantation, providing just enough for everyone to be equally miserable while exploiting and extorting our vote with our inherent human value no more than cannon fodder.

Reduced to bare survival, people seek to escape from their misery through drugs and depravity. The value and meaning of life is distorted so all natural aspects of civilized humanity are redefined and cheapened. Love, marriage, sexuality, honest work, responsibility and respect for life from birth to natural death as well as respect for community, for the elderly and the disabled are removed, leaving a culture that is akin to the laws of the jungle.
This would make human existence mindless and pointless, no different from any animal or plant that shares an inherent will to survive. With no consciousness of past, present, future, choices or consequences, there would be no incentive to do anything useful or noble. There would be no concept of having the ability to liberate oneself from enslavement.

This prevailing threat from the progressive agenda explains our country’s worried state of mind caused by the unending siege on our liberty. The forced shutdown, the funded looting and violence that decimated cities and businesses are glibly assigned the label of “peaceful protests”.

This wipes out the history, sacrifice and blood our heroes shed to make this nation greater than any other. Why else would so many be flocking to our shores to pursue the freedom to achieve their individual potential that is “that shining city on the hill, where they would be free at last”?

These social sins, too, shall pass as the pendulum will swing back. But, will that happen before America, as we know it, has passed the point of no return where future generations will have to completely rediscover it?
This is Keith Kube praying and wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

Keith has a regular commentary on WJAG 780 radio at 7:40 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Check his website for past editorials.

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