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Editorial #266 “Why We Get the Politicians We Deserve” aired on March 18, 2021

Editorial #266 Why We Get the Politicians We Deserve

There are ten reasons we get the politicians we deserve with the biggest, unwritten reason, being apathy. The sad part is all politicians must survive the gauntlet of campaigns and still be able to live with themselves after the election. Of course, they must win before they can implement any of their ideas but if that means compromising their core values, what good is having the whole world if it causes you to lose your soul? Appearing to have profiles in courage is admirable, but untested virtue is of little value.

1.The biggest fear for any politician is losing. Most people who should run for office, won’t because of this reason. They may have the time, money and desire but the fear of being thoroughly investigated then rejected in very painful. Most will resist any possibility of putting themselves in that situation.

2.Voters listen to a politician only to find a reason to vote against them. A candidate can say a thousand things right but only one wrong statement can lose the race.

3.Democracy guarantees that neither the best nor the worst candidate will win. It will always be the one closest to the center and has a neutral position on everything. The extremes are too radical to win over half the votes.

4.Politicians are usually above average and have some degree of talent and confidence to subject themselves and their family to the process. Most qualified individuals will choose industry instead of government. This results in the Peter Principle where people end up in the job they are least qualified to handle with most never working in the private sector. If they can’t succeed in business they may try politics.

5.Politicians are never independent and are always controlled by someone. That means the candidate can never think for themselves as they are influenced by their largest contributor. They have an intense desire to be liked and will always play to the crowd and their contributors.

6.Politicians are like a drum major in front of a parade. They are not leaders but only follow the parade route. They think they are leaders but are only doing what they are told.

7.Politicians are made and fail by the supporters who initially funded their election.

8.Politicians never worry about the long term. They will do whatever it takes, each day, to vote in a way to raise more money so they can be around for the next election.

9.Each vote a politician makes is dependent entirely upon knowing who gets the money and who is going to be taxed for it. Whichever group is the larger will always determine their vote.

10.Politicians know that not everyone will agree with what they say, but their responses will always straddle the fence by only saying platitude without substance.

These ten reasons are why it is almost an insult to be called a politician. The day when the non-politicians won the highest office in the land is when the deep state machinery implemented the scorched earth policy vowing to never let a non-politician win again.

Democracy is actually closer to mob rule and this country is not a democracy. We are a constitutional republic with politicians who should know these 10 reasons and why we consistently elect such poorly unqualified candidates. The best, most qualified, honest individual, who insist on playing fair and running the country like a business has a very difficult time winning.

All we can do is pray our politicians remember the 10 reasons and work for us and not the deep state. They deserve the respect allocated to anyone who follows the golden rule and lives by our core values. We cannot let apathy cause undeserving, unqualified people win elections who, unknowingly, are leading our country down the path of destruction.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

Keith has a regular commentary on WJAG 780 radio at 7:40 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Check his website for past editorials.

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