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Editorial #237 “Hard Questions Keep Coming” aired on December 3, 2020.

Editorial #237 Hard Questions Keep Coming

It will be interesting to check, next Thanksgiving, about what we were thinking at this time in 2020. Will we be surprised to see how badly we were fooled by the deep state’s arrogance, patronization and condescension inflicted upon us?

Are we going to be baffled to find we were hijacked and forced into situations of gloom and doom that follows the old radical rule: “never let a good disaster go to waste”?

Will we see how liberal states destroyed their own economy in order to force the Federal government into bailing out incompetent, corrupt governors who over reacted to the pandemic for political leverage?

Will we notice in 2020 there were more hurricanes, tornados, extreme temperatures and record rain storms than any year since records were kept? Will the fact be noted that the amount of man-made CO2 was lower than any year since 1970 because no one was driving, no factories were operating, no airlines were flying no businesses were open and office building were empty? Will we realize this was a perfect test to see if lowering the amount of man-made CO2 was having any effect on the climate? 2020 should have been the quietest climate year, in the last fifty, if man-made CO2 was the cause of climate change.

The Center for Disease Control has been recording the mortality rate for over 100 years. Will anyone notice this pandemic was responsible for decreasing the total number of natural deaths in the country? When deaths by suicide, murder, accidents and over dose are removed, the total number of deaths in the country fell by almost 100,000 in 2020. Could the pandemic be a miracle cure for all other major causes of natural death?

According to the data, has this pandemic has caused people to live longer? Has the reduction of man-made CO2 in 2020 caused more major weather events than anytime in recorded history? Will we notice these experts from the deep state bureaucracy were always exactly wrong? Will we prosecute them for destroying our economy and forcing us to live under a rock in an effort to control our climate and our way of life based their fabricated data and vacuous assumptions? Will we notice, all the bureaucrats and liberal leaders, enforcing these draconian rules, will still paid while they ignored any rule that impacted their personal lifestyle?

Will the country realize the new administration has no respect from the voters, no business management skills, no factual foundation to implement anything regarding climate, the pandemic, economic or energy policies, with no understanding of international affairs other than give our enemies what they want because we fear them and don’t want to upset them?

This country is too smart to not notice this hypocrisy, incompetence, corruption and lying. It will be interesting to see if we will tolerate the fraud of this election. Will the 2022 elections continue to expose the lack of “coat tails” shown by Biden? Will the purge of the liberal corruption in congress continue, putting us back on the foundation of One Nation under God where right will prevail again? That will be up to each of us.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

Keith has a regular commentary on WJAG 780 radio at 7:40 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Check his website for past editorials.

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