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Editorial #238 “What Good is Information?” aired on December 8, 2020

Editorial #238 What Good is information?

There is so much information in the world, it is becoming worthless as no one seem to be listening to any of it. Few people discern what Information is worth knowing? Like garbage, most of it is useless. Today, information is doubling every six months and expected to double every 12 hour by 2025. Schools no longer teach how to filter through all that data, instead they only teach talking points.

The only information worth knowing is that which gives some action item for dealing with problems in life. Today, most information is closer to gossip. It should be like the weather report, telling us if we need a coat.

The telegraph was the genesis of the internet. That was the first time in history when information could be received instantaneously, anonymously without personal contact. Up to that time messages were written on paper and with delivery very slow because of distance. Other than personal letters, information was re-written by people who called themselves the reporters. This was the crack that open the flood gates of propaganda we see today. Most of the information we received is from people we don’t know, who take the opportunity to re-characterize or omit information because it can spread so fast before it is questioned.

It is impossible to return to the times before the telegraph. The only way to control the damage from this rapid infection of propaganda, is to control access of those who uses it to report. No one should be allowed to hide behind the anonymity of social media or large complicit networks. If they won’t identify themselves, they have no right force their anonymous and insidious opinions upon us. They must accept the wrath of their statements and be prepared to defend them. This seldom happens with the talking heads of national news never allow themselves to be challenged. Social media bloggers hide by not posting a biography or their real name. These are the classic actions of a gutless coward.

This is the sewer of the social media era and national networks. Facebook and Twitter further insults us by using anonymous fact checkers to determine if information is accurate. These fact checkers have no credibility as they are the fox watching the hen house.

The only credible source information is our local papers and regional radio and television stations. We know these people. They live in our communities and we can trust them to give us the truth because they live among us and would be ostracize if they were known to be liars.

This age of technology has delivered a society that can no longer thinks for themselves. They believe it is acceptable to spread lies if it advance their agenda. The smartest people are never the bureaucrats, diplomats or the ones who have a degree after sitting in a classroom for years, only being taught what to do or say. The leaders of this country must be those who know how to ask the right questions, that causes us to think for ourselves.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

Keith has a regular commentary on WJAG 780 radio at 7:40 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Check his website for past editorials.

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