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Editorial #215 “Climate Change and the Economy” aired on September 15, 2020

Editorial #215 Climate Change and the Economy

The EPA just put out a report: how climate change is going to affect the economy. This is a useless report with their only objective to show they are busy telling us what we already know. Of course, if sea levels rise there will be problems giving warnings about which we can do nothing.

The EPA and CDC are out of control, with statements about the pandemic distracting from the lies of the man-made global warming propaganda. This pandemic stopped the economy that generated much of this man-made CO2, reducing it to levels far below the goals set in any of the climate accords. This worked against their climate change agenda with 2020 having more extreme temperatures, fires, storms, hurricanes and longer rainy seasons not seen in a generations with the media hyping it to generate the greatest possible fear. If man-made CO2 is causing global warming, why is this reduction in man-make CO2 not reducing these violent weather patterns? The answer is that man-made CO2 is not the cause of any global warming.

Another well-kept secret; practically every alternative energy generating method makes a larger carbon footprint during manufacturing than any reduction in CO2 during the life of the device. This is actually making the very thing they are trying to eliminate, worse. The only exceptions are hydroelectric and nuclear power.

All these bureaucrats and environmental alarmist are chasing their tail getting nothing done, spending trillions, re-proving that which true engineers have been saying for a generation.

The media feels they must tell us about all the gloom and doom caused by climate change and the pandemic because they think it is caused by man who can control both the climate and the virus. The only protection the country needs, is from the CDC, EPA and the economists, who never worked in the private sector, with the media telling us we must worry and let the government protect us from ourselves.

Trillions have been spent on the climate problem while the planet continues to warm. The pandemic is also costing trillions but it should slow man-made global warm if their logic was valid. The only good the climate change hoax and pandemic precautions brought, it made us all more aware of the need to recycle, preserve our natural resources and becoming more hygienic. But to use this pandemic and man-made climate change as a tool to control our lives is insulting to anyone who works in the real world outside Washington DC and believes in liberty and justice for all.

All liberal agendas have one common dominator. They have population control as their target. They shut down churches, businesses, gatherings and recreation of all types, making us prisoners in our own home and giving money so it pays more to not work. This make society easily controlled. They promote abortion and organic farming. This is the perfect way to reduce the population. Stop babies from being born and reduce the food supply while making it more expensive to feed that population. They fan racism to divide and conquer the population. They throw out God because the government wants to be our god, giving and taking as a way to control us.

This is a perfect way to control and overthrow the government. It is surprising how easy it was, with this pandemic, to control us. The real surprise is they didn’t concoct this devious pandemic plan sooner. Maybe they did and now was the best time to release it to destroy the country and blame the current administration so the country will vote him out of office. How evil is it to instill such fear, pain and suffering, in order to destroy the greatest country on earth so the deep state can run it?

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

Keith has a regular commentary on WJAG 780 radio at 7:40 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Check his website for past editorials.

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