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Editorial #214 “It is OK to Talk Politics and Religion” aired on September 17, 2020

Editorial #214 It is OK to Talk Politics and Religion

The infection of political correctness has made it “bad manners” to talk about politics or religion. This is exactly the agenda the deep state and liberal elites want us to believe. They do not want gatherings to discuss these topics because they want only the message from national media discussed. This pandemic plays perfectly into this by not permitting churches to be open or gatherings where discussion of faith or political issues can happen. They also demand civility, but only if you agree. They fear any logic, insight or application of our core values will interfere with their propaganda machine.

Communism does not happen with a flick of a switch. It is gradual. It starts with small items like minimizing life with issues like abortion as health care and assisted suicide out of compassion. The teaching of gender identity and minimizing the importance of normal marriage to encourage inclusion. They divide the society by pointing out racism and lack of diversity at every turn in order to divide and conquer. It continues by calling boarder protection discriminatory and demanding anyone have the right to vote out of fairness, without identifying themselves an American citizens.

They insist on strict enforcement of “separation of church and state” by trying to eliminate any reference to God in order to make government the god. They instill on the belief that government is the only provider of everything, not God, with the money to pay for everything coming from those who are selfish and dishonest who took more than their fair share.

This thinking requires the public education system to develop curriculum that teaches these unstustainable concepts in place of civics and American history. They propagandize the history as being unfair and racist against minorities. The destruction of historic monuments is encouraged with cancel culture fanning the flames of rebellion and riots. Looting is justified as a way of reparations for injustices their ancestors suffered, paid by the country they declared racist.
All the attempts at addressing this, with a welfare system, the war on poverty and the Great Society Program, made the problem worse with rules like “Aid for Dependent Children” where single mothers can quality only if there is no father in the home.

The irony is: the instigators of this madness are the only ones who are racist. They complain and whine, kneel for the anthem and with no actions or encouragement advocating self-reliance or personal responsibility taught. Every unfortunate death during an arrest happens when the suspect refused to comply with police instructions.

When this is accepted by a majority, socialism is already implemented. At first it seems harmless before society realizes it is unsustainable. The first to realize this are taxes, intimidated, harassed and marginalized all in an effort to make them conform. Eventually this breaks down requiring more enforcement by police whose job is to enforce the socialistic mantra that turns it into communism. This is what BLM, ANTIFA and all their supporters want. We have a constitutional Republic, if we can keep it, by being aware of this trap of not talking about politics or religion.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

Keith has a regular commentary on WJAG 780 radio at 7:40 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Check his website for past editorials.

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