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Editorial #149 “Opposition to LB 283 Climate Change Study” aired February 27, 2020

Editorial #149 Opposition to LB283 Climate Change Study

The continued funding of bills by the Nebraska Legislature that advances dishonest agendas must stop. Of all the problems we have in Nebraska, LR 294 titled: The acknowledgement of Anthropogenic Climate and Ecological Crisis, or LB 243 titled: “Healthy Soils and Water Task Force” and LB 283 titled: Provide Funding for Climate Change Study”, makes as much sense as funding a studies to see if 2+2=5. It is insanity to spend any more money on climate change studies. Since 1970 about $20 Trillion has already been spent on the subject with no effect on the environment ever being shown.

None of their dire predictions from these studies have come to pass. Over the last 30 years, man-made CO2 has decreased from 50 ppm to 40 ppm with cleaner internal combustion engines, electric cars, cleaner methods of energy generation and more focus on the handling of our waste, but the total amount of CO2 in our atmosphere continues to increase, from 380 ppm or over 400 ppm. The small amount man made CO2 in that number has decreased by 20%, but the total amount of CO2 in our atmosphere has increased 5%. The only possible conclusion is man-made CO2 is not the smoking gun in contributing to global warming. CO2 is part of nature and to stop it will kill our plant life actually making the world brown and not green.

The man-made climate change hoax started in the 1970’s when it was discovered the ozone in the atmosphere was decreasing, causing a deterioration of the protection in our biosphere from the harmful radiation from deep space. It was found the chlorine molecule in refrigerants was reacting the oxygen molecule in ozone, destroying it. In spite of what the so called scientific community is saying, ozone and CO2 contributes little to greenhouse gas effect. 80% of the greenhouse effect is water vapor and dust which has been around since the formation of the planet. Those components provides enough mass in the atmosphere to affect heat transfer into and out of our biosphere.

All the explanations of CO2 causing global warming are inductive reasoning started in the 1860’s. No physical experiments have ever shown how 0.04% of CO2 in our air could affect heat transfer from the sun’s radiant heat. Also, CO2 is heavier than air and is mostly concentrated at the surface of the planet where plants can use it.

The depletion of the ozone has since been arrested, restoring it to safer levels. But this gave environmentalists the idea that man-made CO2 could be used as a pawn to explain the warming patterns of the planet and the hoax was born.

There is no constructive action in this bill other than creating another bureaucracy, giving unfounded credence to the dishonest agenda of socialism and fans the flames of fear. All the money spent over the decades had no effect on reducing CO2. It only promoted wealth redistribution, socialism and population control while looking for more victims who will give money to their cause to pay their salaries while doing more studies to advance the hoax.

Correlation does not prove causation. The proposed solutions to energy production to eliminate CO2 all violate the laws of physics and economics, making any attempt at reducing the carbon footprint, worse. Are we supposed to allow LB 283 pass without pointing out the hypocrisy, fraud, false agenda and corruption of such a bill? Don’t insult us by allowing a liberal hoax to contribute to the destruction of the planet, not to mention the economy and our methods of food production they claim they are trying to save. A government must never instill fear and never demand the world violate the laws of physics and economics in the process, because a society was propagandized into believing a lie.

Calling man-made global warming a hoax does not mean carelessly disregard our natural resources. In fact, those pointing out the hoax have more concern for the planet than those who are inadvertently destroying the planet in their effort to redistribute wealth and control the population to advance a dishonest agenda. We must live by our core values of truth, fairness, sustainability and integrity which are all ignored in LB 283. Contact your senator and have this dishonest use of tax payer money stopped. All money spent on climate change studies is wasted and should be immediately redirected toward solving the real environmental problem of the world, plastics.

This is Keith Kube wishing the best in making the world a better place.

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