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Editorial #148 “Special Interest Groups” aired February 25, 2020

Editorial #148 “Special Interest Groups”

The words commonly used when complaining about money in politics and lobbyists who use it, is the term “special interest”. The irony is: in a democracy, where majority rules, we all have a special interest in things that happen in government. If taxes are used to do anything, we have a “special interest” in that action.

To eliminate any special interest is impossible. There is no such thing as perfect altruism, except for Jesus Christ. If you don’t have a special interest, you don’t care or you don’t pay taxes. This is no longer the case as immigrants and the poor, who do not pay taxes, now have advocates representing their “special interest” of wanting more welfare for which they paid nothing.

It is difficult to imagine how a country could ever reach this state of ridiculousness. It violates all our core values upon which our country was founded.

This is the result of political correctness, community organizers and social justice warriors who feel they must save the less fortunate at the expense of possibly destroying the country.

They use the words “What would Jesus do?” to justify this violation of our core values and is the ultimate in hypocrisy. We must all do our part, not the government, in taking care of the less fortunate. Jesus did NOT say: “Go to Caesar and ask him for money.”

The agenda of unlimited restrictions on our borders, massive welfare programs and free health care for those who are not citizens is a Trojan horse used in the destruction of our capitalistic system in our constitutional Republic. The Trojan horse of these advocates do not really care for the less fortunate. But they do care about their vote and will go to no limits to use your money to buy it.

The politicians should be outraged at such practices. It is actually a violation of their oath of office. Politicians have been conditioned to fear being labeled as racist, homophobic, sexist or uncompassionate. The irony is those who accuse others of such hideous labels are the racist, sexist, uncompassionate bigots who have no shame in advancing this agenda.

The blatant display of contempt and disregard for the rule of law was seen during the impeachment and Supreme Court hearings. It demonstrated the disconnect between those who trust the rule of law that reflect our core values, the ten commandment and the golden rule and those whose only interested is in advancing a socialistic agenda that will put them in charge and have us all dependent upon their compassion. If we allow this to happen, where government takes care of everything, we can live in the freest country in the world, but we will be a slave to that government if we depend on it completely.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

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