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Editorial #113 Can’t win for losing, aired October 24, 2019

Editorial #113 Can’t win for losing

The world has looked to the United States for providing money, humanitarian aid, military hardware and troops when disasters, real or self-inflicted, have occurred. These countries also looked to the United States to be the world’s leader in providing truth, fairness, sustainability and integrity. Foreign leaders indoctrinate their citizens, aided by the liberal left, into thinking our position and success in the world was ill-gotten and not deserved.

The United Nations, acting like spoiled children, begged the United States into accepting the climate accords, the Iranian Nuclear deals, be the world’s peace maker, accept illegal immigration and still expects us to keep fund the UN, like a sugar daddy. The United State pays over $10 billion/yr. or 1/5 of the UN budget. Most of the other counties in the United Nations pay nothing close to their formulated budget amount but remain members without paying their share. That is a great deal for them at our expense.

The latest hypocrisy is the liberal elites criticizing the President for withdrawing about 100 troops from Syria. No one wants to see the suffering of women and children when wars occur. But it is surprising how adamant liberals are now for staying in a war they condemned before and how concerned they are now for a border 8000 miles away compared to our southern border with Mexico.

These are not easy decisions for a President. He must decide whether saving the lives of our men and women in battle is more important than fighting for people trapped in a country where their leaders failed to care for their own. I hate to see young children and mothers scared to death and helpless, caught in the cross fire of war, but I cry for a mother or spouse grieving over the coffin of a brave soldier that died trying to protect those citizens in a faraway country.

The resources of this country are not unlimited and decisions must be made as to whether we continue to babysit the world and continue to spend our tax dollars, treasure and lives for these causes. As a member of NATO, there is an understanding that member countries will defend each other and their allies. When countries default, that is dishonest and lazy. It is infuriating when the Democrat party says the president’s decision is cruel and incompetent then use the lie as more evidence for impeachment. They didn’t seem that upset with Clinton or Obama for the Benghazi attack where three high ranking Americans were killed. That was a real tragedy due to incompetence and hiding a dishonest agenda.
As the leader of the free world, the United States cannot be a sugar daddy for the world. Like any good parent or citizen we must remember that tough love and the golden rule works universally and when that is violated, only spoiled children and socialistic countries, result.

The obligation, compassion, business understanding and objectiveness of our president is to make America great and safe again. We cannot let the demands of social justice warriors, violate our core values of truth, fairness, sustainability and integrity.

God Bless American. This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

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