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Editorial #112 Debt, War and Spending aired on October 22, 2019

Editorial #112 Debt, War and Spending

It breaks my heart to see pictures of innocent women and children caught in the cross fire of immigration, war or terrorists attacks. It angers me that these tragedies are often contrived by corrupt, power grabbing zealots or dictators who care little for humanity while advancing their agenda of religious or nationalistic convictions.

The hypocrisy of these leaders is: wars are very profitable and there is little incentive to not wage them. They are influenced by businesses who have much to gain by supplying the materials to fight wars and rebuilding the country after the war. The real crime is when these leaders fan the flames of disagreement trying to start a war for economic gain and to maintain power. Discrimination, racism, insults, hypocrisy and false sense of entitlements are all actions that can spark a war.

Wars happen when there is a disagreement on what is fair, truthful, sustainable, and honest. If two countries disagree on what that is, might is right, and the winner gets to define what is fair, truthful, sustainable and honest in advancing what they believe is in the best interests of their country or themselves.

In a capitalistic society success is defined as the ability to give consumers what they want. They do not want war as it interrupts the supply of customers. In a socialistic society success, as defined by the leader, is everyone being satisfied with being equally miserable, while the individual tries to get by doing as little as possible. The masses want revolution as they actually want a capitalistic system. The troops in socialism are often mercenaries who couldn’t care less about the reason for the war, as long as they are paid.

Riots do not happen because of anger. Anger is the excuse to start a riot because riots are profitable. Rioters loot and destroy, getting free stuff, then are hired by contractors to rebuild what they destroyed, paid with insurance proceeds.
Their dishonest logic is the end justifies the means. Money is spent, regardless of the merit, on things to make war and then rebuild, which circulates in the economy. Money is really not wasted. It is not put in the street and burned.

The best defense is a good offense. It is remarkable that a standing army costs about 90% of the cost of going to war. Armies need to trained, housed, fed and supplied with equipment and ammunition, just to stay in practice. Troops, in a capitalistic system, believe in the motive for being ready to fight, if it advances fairness, truth, sustainability and integrity for themselves and their loved ones. The only difference between practice, a socialist war and capitalistic war is the cost of human life. To a dictator, that makes no difference if it keeps him in power.

Sad truths about governments and economies: War is always profitable. Immigration has become a weapon of war. Riots create jobs. Hospitals and drug companies will make no money if they cure every disease. Car makers will go out of business if cars didn’t wear out. If diplomats and governments fixed problems they would be out of a job. Even paying off the national debt has no incentive as it would grow again by spend thrifty politicians. Politicians love to spend your money to get someone else’s vote.
The bottom line: there is little incentive to be honest or have integrity any more. The only incentive is to not get caught. This is the modus operandi for too many people. All we can do is set a good example of fairness, truth, sustainability and integrity. We must point out hypocrisy and stop political correctness that compromises the golden rule and the Ten Commandments.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

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