Keith Kube


Editorial #21 Taxes and Unintended Consequences November 7, 2017

Taxes and Unintended Consequences

Sky high property Taxes and the unintended consequences that will follow, if not addressed, is very serious problem for rural Nebraska. When addressing any problem, the only things that matter in the analysis are the similarities and finding what dysfunctionality made it into a problem.

History and network news tells us about all the things that went wrong which is about as helpful as using only your rear view mirror to drive a car and never looking at the map.


Editorial #19 Economic Growth Simplified November 2, 2017

Economic Growth Simplified

In the world of governmental bureaucracies that provide “SERVICES”, I have consistently found their agenda was to make things as complicate as possible so citizens feel they have no alternative but to use their help or hire someone to deal with what that bureaucracy requires. Their other agenda seems to be one of always addressing the symptom, never the problem because the bureaucracy would be out of business if the problem was solved.


Editorial #18 Conservatives and Liberals October 26, 2017

Conservatives and Liberals

In my commentaries on the art of compromise along with understanding of what leadership and democracy is, we established this country is a republic, not a democracy and it is to be ran by managers, not leaders or dictators, that “WE THE PEOPLE” hire through elections.

These elected managers are supposed to reflect our personal preference that fall into two categories call liberals and conservatives. Of course there are variations among members of these two groups,


Editorial #20 Perfecting the Question October 26, 2017

Perfecting the Question

We live in a world where news is never about the goods things that are happening, but only about things that are wrong or dysfunctional. In looking at health care, the budget, the debt, immigration, tax reform, international security or whether the Russians hacked the election, all these issues are not the actual problem but simply the media “Whining” about symptoms of these dysfunctionalities.

It is sad, but good news and things that are going right is boring and does not attract eye balls that sells advertising.


Editorial #17 Leadership and Democracy October 19, 2019

Leadership and Democracy

There are two fundamental misconceptions that are pervasive across this country. The first is the concept that the United State is a democracy and the second is this country is run by leaders. These misunderstanding are infecting any hope of having this country run as the founders intended.

The United States has never been a democracy and any attempt through a national constitution convention must be stopped because their hidden agenda is to move the country toward socialism.


Editorial #1a Property Taxes October 13, 2017


Property taxes will always be too high. This is irritating but not the problem. The real problem with property taxes is they are not fair compared to the urban areas of the state.

Rapidly rising farm property values caused this problem.  A disproportionate treatment occurred  between urban and rural families in funding schools as values often doubled.  This resulted in twice the tax with little additional income coming from that property.


Editorial #3 Definition of a Job October 12, 2017

As I covered in last week’s editorial, one of the biggest problems with our education system is the student’s inability to apply the information they learned in school to solve problems.

This problem solving step is the only reason for learning anything and the only purpose for our education system. If someone can not solve a problem that is costing their employer money,


Editorial #4 Education October 5, 2017

With all the concerns society has today, education is often mentioned as one of the most important. The irony is the lack of educational opportunities is not the problem. There are more colleges, technical schools and learning centers available now than ever before in the history of the country, not to mention the cost is rapidly rising to well over $10,000 per year per student in high school.


Editorial #16 The National Anthem September 28, 2017

The National Anthem

With the contagion of these displays by athletics during the playing of our National Anthem, we are seeing classic predictable sequences playing out that relate to business cycles, political correctness and the violation of our core values. These all have patterns that can not be ignored without experiencing very unpleasant consequences that can impact the future of our country.

In my editorial, the art of compromise, I addressed the ingredients needed to avoid these “unintended consequences”.


Editorial #15 Art of Compromise September 21, 2017

Art of Compromise

Having lived much of my professional career in large cities, where people forgot that all food comes from the farm and not the grocery store, I have had more than my share of debating extreme ideas that result from radical thinking.

The irony is both liberals and conservatives have essentially the same desires and values: We all want a peaceful, clean world where everyone can be trusted, regardless of what they call themselves.