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Editorial #174 “The Right to Pursue Happiness” aired May 12, 2020

Editorial #174 The Right to Pursue Happiness

The phrase “The right to pursue happiness” has become even more perverted by the way it defies logic because of this corona virus. Social justice warriors and the deep state are hijacking these words to extrapolate incredible demands from our government. They are always trying to expand the social safety blanket, to relieve us of any personal responsibility.

These voters are being taught to expect the government will guarantee good health, not just health insurance, regardless of how they take care of themselves. They demand the government provide literacy, not just education, regardless if the student studies. They also expect a steady paycheck for doing nothing, with some hoping this pandemic will continue, in order to keep the gravy train going. If this free money is not sufficient, they are told to blame the government if they get sick, can’t read or can’t get a job. Some states are using this virus to justify bailing them out after decades of poor management decisions on pensions and social programs.

Our forefathers organized a constitutional republic to do only three things: provide infrastructure, provide security and apply laws that are supposed to be fair with no dishonest agenda. The only “rights” mentioned in the Declaration of Independence are: Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Government does not possess, nor can they give us any rights. One cannot give that which they don’t have. All our rights come only from God. Secularism is very popular with these liberal elites. If God is out of the equation, they will gladly step in to fill the vacuum, telling us they will give us happiness, if we vote for them. They want us to forget our value system, work ethic, understand the value of money and our liberty.

This is the slippery slope of a society that becomes too risk adverse, complacent and entitled. This is the recipe for building a socialistic country. It addicts society into thinking that everything comes from the government, and not God. We can live in the freest country in the world but we would be a slave to that government if we expect government to give us everything.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

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