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Editorial #166 “The Infection of Modifiers” aired on April 23, 2020

Editorial #166 The Infection of Modifiers

We now have another infection to worry about that is becoming fatal. It is the infection of modifiers. News reporters are absolutely convinced they are reporting accurate and useful information. But when they are called “fake news” there is a “deer in the headlights” look on their face. They are so entrenched in the liberal agenda, they don’t know or realize how they recharacterize everything. A simple voice inflections with adjectives and adverb, strategically placed, can change any message to one of gloom and doom.

Reporters no longer ask questions. They “tell you a questions” by saying: “…with no evidence you said” or “how does it feel to make a mistake” when there was evidence and any mistake was an action with which they disagreed. The true hypocrisy is when the reporter uses their false narratives from “undisclosed sources”.

Frank Lloyd Wright said: “honest conceit if far better than fake sincerity”. The media does not like Trump because he is confident and exposes them with an honest agenda. The national media displays a condescending attitude by politicizing and condemning any presidential decision. They expect him to rely completely upon non-elected bureaucrats. They want the president to be a puppet, just doing what he is told. Every report is negatively spun, pointing out inconsequential differences, trying to find racism, criticizing any hint of optimism while always trying to place blame for not doing things fast enough or for being overly pragmatic. It seems they want to destroy the country and our capitalistic system.
Non-elected bureaucrats and those on government payrolls are the only ones advocating shutting down the country. They don’t seem to care how long it takes. They don’t seem to care about those that must work. They don’t seem to realize those not on the government payroll, will not be able feed themselves, much less pay the taxes to cover the cost of this bloated bailout package.

The media advances these bureaucratic agendas by implying the government will take care of everything if you vote for politicians that support this socialistic agenda. This dishonest agenda influences how stories are reported. The ingredients of our core values are completely omitted to make the story juicier. Their only objective is to protect and enhance their own power and to hell with saving our country.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

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