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Editorial #83 Free Education and Natural Selection aired July 16, 2019

Editorial #83 Free Education and Natural Selection

Life is what we all experience involving, work, decisions, mistakes, pains, stress and hardship along with the joys of family, friends, relaxation and entertainment. The world we live in has the extremes of good and bad. It is beautiful as well as parts that are not attractive. These contrasts are unavoidable as it is a law of nature. It is impossible to have one without the other as everything is relative. We can’t have “up” without knowing what “down” is or “hot” without “cold”. We can’t have peace without knowing that war exists. There is a spectrum with everything. Any effort to eliminate any extreme is impossible.

With this fate, the only approach in life is to do the best we can in the time we have with the blessings we are given. The odds of being born in the United States are 1 in 25. We are already more privileged than 96% of the world. The United States has the richest poor in the world. As with everything, someone has to be number one and we are it. The question is: do we want to continue to be the leader of the world or do we want the rest of the world to catch up with us?

We are the leader of the world because our country is a constitutional republic with capitalism. It is the closest to nature’s model of “survival of the fittest”. Capitalism is actually an evolutionary process we call “natural selection”. In a capitalistic free society we make our living by providing that which people want. If we can’t we will fail because no one will buy it.

Much of the world operates in a contrived, authoritarian approach regulations and restrictions where self-serving bureaucrats put their own interests in front of their country. The only way socialism can exist is when we give up our freedom to exercise free will and everyone gets the same of everything. This requires bureaucrats to be in charge who constantly make sure everyone is equal…..equally miserable!

Any political platform that says everything is free and promises to eliminate poverty, hardship and suffering is incredible and is lying. Nothing worth having is ever free. Free college education is worth what the student pays for it. As a result the quality of the knowledge from college graduates is falling at an exponential rate and they are only learning talking points instead of how to solve problems. The case in point is some of our politicians who graduated from these prestigious colleges making ridiculous statements regarding their approach to solving problems.

If a political party wants to give everyone a free college education, then demand the colleges eliminate tuition. This will never happen because these colleges are the breeding grounds for the liberal, socialistic, amoral, politically correct disease that has infected the country and they need the money from tuition to promote it. This is the only way for the liberal elite can spread their propaganda into society and they want us to pay for it and not the student. Logic, common sense, competition and self-sufficiency is the last thing they want, as this sort of society is not controllable.

To have our future generation believe that society should pay for their college education is insulting to the students and tax payers who work hard to earn and learn what it takes to be successful. The real insult is the hypocritical agenda of the liberal elite who need these colleges to groom future leaders into this sort of thinking in order to carry on this fraud, at our expense.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

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