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Editorial #71 Student Debt aired May 30, 2019

Editorial #71 Student Debt

The, so called, student debt crisis is a classic example of hypocrisy with politician now trying to take credit for solving a problem they created.

The cost of education has doubled over the past 30 years with the quality of the product seeming to be going down at almost the same rate. The government programs guaranteeing these loans, is a perfect con game where schools are supplied with an endless stream of young, skulls full of mush, to be indoctrinated into progressive thinking to advance a liberal agendas with all of us eventually paying. Now politicians are promising to forgive student debt which means we all get to pay for it…..that’s wealth redistribution

These programs guarantee a flow of cash, allowing schools to expanded infrastructure and salaries of educators, who are often unwitting participants in this hoax. They are constantly looking for excuses to raise tuition. There is no incentive to use the money to lower the tuition cost so our next generation can be more self-sufficient, productive citizens and not be strapped with a mountain of debt after graduation.

No one can be against education but the system no longer educates. It propagandizes students by requiring courses with socialistic concepts including gender studies and environmentalism with emphasis on social and economic justice. It ignores providing a base curriculum of civics, patriotism, financial management and problem solving along with instilling our core values of fairness, truth, sustainability and integrity.

Instead with get whiners who are taught to see discrimination, environmental degradation and injustice everywhere with their solution being wealth redistribution through more government programs that are in direct conflict with our very definition of “freedom”.

There is little effort dedicated to teaching personal responsibility and becoming part of the solution. Instead they are taught to be social justice warriors and activists who constantly points out problems demanding the government do something about it. The bottom line is they are teaching our kids to be part of the problem and not part of the solution.

How do we fix this? We start by having our high schools stop saying that college is the only way. They need to teach that all the jobs in the world are simply problem solving and their pay is a function of what problems they can solve, not what they know. If they graduate without some understand of what problem they are going to solve in the world, they should not graduate with a participation trophy called a diploma. National public service, after high school, should be the way to learn first-hand what this country is about, with free college, like the GI Bill, their reward for their service.

High school administrators teach to the ACT test and are graded by graduation rates so they are inclined entertain students so they don’t quit. The real focus of education is not to teach, but for the students to be able to repeat what they have been taught, applying it to solving problems that cost someone money, often their own.

We should not be surprised at the dysfunctionality of our government and society today. It is a result of this sort of education with the gradual infiltration of political correctness that failed to instill the values that made this country, in spite of all its problems, the greatest country in the world.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

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