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Editorial #68 Term Limits aired May 9, 2019

Editorial #68 Term Limits

During my career I have moved to both extremes regarding the issue of term limits for politicians. Nebraska has a limit of two terms for state senators. The result causes a problem that is part of human nature. The second term they becomes a “lame duck” where accountability is no longer a priority. They can do anything and it will not impact their career in the legislature, often resulting in sponsoring extreme positions to gain favor with special interests groups.

With term limits, the career path for a newly elected politician can only go in two directions after they leave office. They will run for a different office or become a lobbyist. The contacts established during their service are very helpful with name recognition and connections fitting right into Dale Carnage’s book “Making Friends and Influencing People”.

For United States Senators or Representatives, there are no term limits which results in entrenched politicians who look like they served in World War I with the mental acumen of a toddler. They become useful idiots that are bought and paid for by the special interests that prop them up.

The bottom line is we already have term limits. It is called the ballot box with our responsibility to make sure incompetent service does not happen. Term limits do not address the problem. It only addresses the symptom of national apathy by voters who won’t do their homework before voting. Name recognition is over half the battle which is exactly what liberals count on.

The liberal elites love the concept of term limits because a new politician starts by looking for the bathroom light switch with the lobbyists anxious to help them find their way through the halls government. They are looking for new, influenceable puppets to advance their agenda and become a part of the very problem we are trying to address.

The bottom line is: We are a constitutional republic with freedom if we can keep it. Legislation that supports term limits is a Trojan horse that greases the skids of political correctness and socialism resulting in the sorry state of affairs that happens when politicians no longer follow the recipe for making good laws: All good laws must be fair, truthful, sustainable with have integrity.

The advancement of any socialist agenda requires the violation of every one of these core values making us into a country where everyone is equally miserable. If we do not do our due diligence in voting, we become part of the problem. Those with a dishonest agenda will take control if we do not stay involved by living and sharing these core values with every one we know and love.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

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