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Editorial #60 Invasions and Why They Happen aired April 18, 2019

Editorial #60 Invasions and why they happen.

The news is filled with threats, foreign and domestic with most of us scratching our heads wondering what to do about it. Everyone wants peace and tranquility but that only comes when we work for it. It is not automatic. The sad part about life: it is hard. Survival requires energy as entropy is always at work making things as random and disorganized as possible, requiring our hard work to keep things going normally.

Our country is under threat. This is not new. There are always elements, including nature, that want to take something from us and we all try to protect ourselves as a result. The confusing part is there are others who want to minimize any defense against these threats and compromise our security in the spirit of compassion and political correctness.

This is evident by laws wanting gun control, open borders, sanctuary cities and continues with environmental overreach, no vaccinations, minimum wage laws, food stamp programs, late term abortions and affirmatives action not to mention compromising census procedures and no voter identification requirements.

All these proposed regulations violate the laws of economics, physics and nature where supply and demand, survival of the fittest and capitalist principles apply. These proposals are socialistic attempts to put artificial influences that are discriminatory, unfair, dishonest, unsustainable and hypocritical. These proposals come from liberal politicians who are more interested in finding victims to get votes and never seem to solve any problem. These programs increase property, weakened our security, compromised our free market system, encourage reverse discrimination and allowed our country to be exploited when outsiders see the vulnerability and idiocy of these ideas.

W.C. Fields once said, as a joke: “It is a sin not to let a fool part with their money.” These programs proposed by liberal politicians are making us the laughing stock of the world and causing mass migration, Islamic attacks, making snowflakes of our children and compromising the sanctity of life.

Our country has the richest poor in the world, the greatest opportunities at success, the fairest laws of any government and a national pride that is the envy of any person without American citizenship. The troubling part is we, as a society, are not as ready to defend it, teach it or live it as this is not taught in our public schools and are told it is politically incorrect to force our values, customs and traditions on others.

We are a constitutional republic with freedoms and liberty, if we can keep them. As entropy tries to erode our freedoms, we all have a responsibility to teach, share and live those core values that made our constitutional republic a terrible system of government but it is by far, the best in the world.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

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