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Editorial #54 Ask Not What…., aired March 26, 2019

Editorial #54 Ask Not What…. March 26, 2019

As the field of candidates running for president grows, efforts to differentiate themselves is becoming increasingly more difficult. They all seek to have as many commonalities with the voters as possible, trying to be all things to all people.
The logic behind this approach may be sound, but unworkable. If you stand for everything, you are actually standing for nothing. The only common theme is: who can give away the most money to the people who didn’t earn it. This is classic for this socialist movement. Way too many people fail to realize that the redistribution of wealth is unsustainable because they quickly run out of people with money.

The common way to justify their position is to ask: “what would Jesus do?” because he had compassion for the less fortunate. In looking at the teachings of Christ, he said each of us must help our fellow man and have compassion. He never told anyone to go to Caesar for a handout. He taught that we should do this individually. The thinking our government should give away more money so there will be fewer poor in the world won’t eliminate poverty. There will always be a lower half that is less fortunate. Even the upper half also has a lower half and to expect everyone to be equally miserable is ridiculous.

The real problem with liberal thinking is they believe everyone deserves to get something from the government. They try to convince us, through political correctness, that social justice and wealth redistribution is the answer. The only satisfaction poor people will get is the satisfaction of making the more fortunate suffer. The less fortunate will still be poor after they elect anyone preaching this propaganda. They think since we live in a democracy, they can vote to force the rich to comply, regardless of it being fair.

This infection is spreading through our public schools, churches and is getting law makers elected with this sort of vacuous thinking. Even though all passed attempts at socialism have failed, they all feel they are smarter and can fix the world with their approach this time.

It is common knowledge that Christian church attendance has been falling over the past 50 years. When asked why they don’t attend, the common response is: “I don’t get anything out of it”. This echoes back to the heart of the problem when John Kennedy saying: “ASK NOT WHAT OUR COUNTRY CAN DO FOR YOU, BUT WHAT CAN YOU DO FOR YOUR COUNTRY?”

The reason why people are not getting anything out of church is they are not giving anything to it in the first place. Churches are communities with weekly attendance vital in gaining reassurances that sharing our values of fairness, truthfulness, sustainability and integrity is the only way to survive in this world. We are supposed to share these values and our resources with “We the people” in our Constitutional Republic and not have the government force us to be charitable.
Anything worth having is never free with the generosity of our communities, after these disasters, is gratifying. This gives hope that “right will prevail” and the hope that a majority of our society still believes in economic freedom, hard work along with living our core values is the only way to make the world a better place.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making Nebraska and our Country a better place.

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