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Editorial #50 Liberal Assault aired March 7, 2019

Editorial #50 Ongoing Liberal Assault for March 7, 2019

The barrage of liberal laws continues with seemingly endless attempts to pass legislation that undermines our core values of truth, fairness, sustainability and integrity. No one could honestly agree with you if you declared these core values were bad or destructive. They are vital ingredients for a society to have any chance of surviving. The reason why liberal proposals seem objectionable is they always violate one or more of these core values. It is our awareness of “natural law” that causes us to react or object.
I won’t list the bills that are of concern here, but I have commented on many of them in past editorials. Laws that want to lower voting age, kill babies at birth, control property rights, address gender issues, promote assisted suicide, restrict gun ownership, more closely monitor our children in school and control what is taught, puts environmental regulations in place that restricts how we use our own property or limits our ability to live in liberty, are constantly growing.

All these bills have a common element: they all create a victim class who are indoctrinated into believing their plight in life is not their fault, but the government’s and the government should do something about it. All these attempts are dressed up to look inviting and logical, but designed to gradually limit our liberties under the guise of compassion and populism that leads to wealth redistribution, moving us closer to socialism. They really want us to let government babysit us and tax those who are opposed, if you vote the liberal elites into office.
The adage: “it is rude to talk about politics or religion” is wrong and borne out of political correctness. It is a large part of the propaganda machine used to advance these liberal agendas. Liberals do not want people to talk about this stuff. They want you to listen to the liberal media so we won’t realize it doesn’t make sense, is unaffordable and violates all our core values that made us the greatest country in the world.

We must all realize that nothing worth having is free and we must all work to protect what we have. If we don’t someone else will. We are a constitutional republic if we can keep it and it is up to us “we the people” to take care of ourselves and those of our family and community. We cannot expect the government to do it all for us. We must be vigilant and engaged by speaking up about these issues. If we don’t the liberal elite will speak up and poison our society into being another footnote in history and read like the downfall of the Rome or Greece.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in doing your part in making the world a better place.

Feel free to contact Keith by going to his website for additional resource information under “Other Publications” or listen to past editorials. You will also find the links for contacting any of our State Senators along with links for the schedules of hearings and copies of all proposed bills under “Contacts”.

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