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Editorial #48 Parental Rights LB167, LB 504, LB727 aired March 5, 2019

Editorial # 48 Parental Rights, March 5, 2019

When politicians openly support infanticide or illogically deny security issues that are as simple as locking our doors (our border in this case), one must question how we got here and ask: “Is my thinking faulty?”

The only plausible explanation is: something is infecting society with this gloom and doom by allowing all this dysfunctionality to have traction and not be questioned as wrong, undesirable and unsustainable. The cause is political correctness gone awry and it is like “The frog in the boiling pot”, where the water is gradually heated with the frog boiled to death before realizing there is a problem.

Proposals like LB 167 and LB 504, introduced by Senator Megan Hunt, which makes it illegal to interfere with or influence gender identity and usurp the rights of parents to know what public schools are teaching our children, are gradually infiltrating into our legal system. These are attempts to convert our thinking and customs into tolerating and eventually accepting behavior that is extreme. LB 727, introduced by Senator Lynn Waltz, is another example. This is a bill relating to schools; to provide duties for school districts, the State Department of Education, and the Department of Health and Human Services with respect to mental health services.

These bills are disguised to be something like guidance counseling, but are closer to being a secret psychological analysis agenda for students regarding gender identity, emotional stability and enforcing social justice concepts by saying it is done to eliminate potential bullying, mass shootings or suicide. The dangerous part is: any attempt by parents to prevent or interfere in this sort of engagement with their child could be a misdemeanor and classified as child neglect and reportable to authorities.

This sort of indoctrination leads to “main streaming” the social dysfunctionalities, we shake our head at, ranging from the definition of marriage, sexual identity and infanticide by creating situational ethics that justifies doing the unthinkable.
The prime suspect in this social disaster is our public education system with their constant attempts to interference with the parenting process along with their encouragement of parents to be less actively involved in the curriculum of our children. This starts with something as benign as offering for free, state supported, babysitting services.

The Nebraska State Education Association and the State School Board Association are heavily invested in protecting their liberal agenda and have created the machinery to control the entire education process. They are becoming more powerful and influential each year by packing the legislature with their supporters through their powerful lobby. These “groups” take our LOCAL DOLLARS through union dues that are essentially tax dollars to teachers, and allocate a percentage of their budget for lobbying and supporting liberal candidates. This is using teacher’s money to advance issues that are against the values of a majority of Nebraskan’s.

Again, as we the people are the second house in our legislature, we must all do what we can to safeguard our values, traditions of patriotism, ethics and most importantly our children by making sure these sorts of radical social reforms are not encoded into laws that are bound to bankrupt our state and country by delivering us into a socialistic system of government. Please do your part and contact your legislators and express your concerns on these issues.

This is Keith Kube wish you the best in making the world a better place.

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