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Editorial #235 “With No Proof” aired on November 17, 2020

Editorial #235 With No Proof

“WITH NO PROOF” is now standard tag line added to any news story with which the liberal media does not like. When did they become the arbitrator of truth or achieve the right to decide the accuracy of information that exposes the hypocrisy of their agenda?

They pound us with propaganda that man-made carbon dioxide is warming the planet. They insist that masks will make the pandemic go away. They preach that abortion is not killing but health care. They ignore the science of sexuality. They want marriage redefined as the fair thing to do. They insist that systemic racism exists. They deplore border security as it is discriminatory and does not make us safer. They hide behind the consciences of scientist that alternative energy sources can power the world. They insult us if we question their declaration of election results or that mail in votes or voting without an identification is not subject to fraud. They say they want peace and harmony but make lists of Trump supporters for retaliation. They claim the riots and looting are peaceful demonstrations. They scream that taking away guns will make us all safer.

They ignore anything that exposes their corruption and hypocrisy by saying: “There is no proof or evidence.” They ignore information about the corruption found in Joe Biden’s family, who are claiming “plausible deniability”. Do they expect us to be so stupid as to not question someone who admitted being involved in corruption, making millions at the expense of the tax payers?

News and science is not democratic and does not subscribe to mob rule where a bunch people can declare that 2+2=5. Yet the liberal elites continue to profess it gospel and would never tolerate the tag “with no proof” to follow any of their propaganda statements.

This tag line rubs salt in our wounds of sorrow which this year has ripped wide open. We love this country and the core values upon which it was founded. We hate the dissension and ridicule that is displayed by their contempt toward those who are trying to up hold and live by a timeless moral compass, the Ten Commandment and the golden rule.

The national news outlets and social media are insulting our intelligence. They have become the enemy of the people. None of their scientific predictions have come to pass and their talking points have never proved to be accurate, actually made societal problems worse with their thinking. Their sole objective is to grease the skids of moral decay and depravity. Their situational ethics and hypocrisy have spawned a generation of narcissistic, self-centered takers who allow themselves to be corrupted by things that violates all our core values.

Evil is easy to avoid if it looks ugly. This evil made to be attractive, common place, everyone does it, easy, simple to understand and gratifying with no consideration for unintended consequences. This is the same path that destroyed numerous civilization over history. The deep state wants us to forget our true purpose in life and only live for the present they create and control. When they win elections they declare a mandate immediately, believing we want them to take care of us, giving up any hope of self-reliance or allowing logical reasoning. There is a line in Shakespeare’s play “we think ye protests too much”. The next time you hear the phrase “with no proof”, take it as gospel that it is deadly accurate, true and exactly what they do not want you to believe.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

Keith has a regular commentary on WJAG 780 radio at 7:40 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Check his website for past editorials.

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