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Editorial #231 “The Election Continues” aired on November 10, 2020

Editorial #231 The Election Continues

It has been a week since the most important election in our country’s history tried to take place. The expectation of having it happen without technical glitches in this age of technology would seem to be guaranteed, but that did not happen.

The media and the pollsters have become dinosaurs with their predictions always being wrong. The polls and the media are no longer provide information but propaganda to shape opinion. The typical way they described any story exposing their hypocrisy always ends with the tag line “with no proof”. There is no reporting about possible problems with mail in ballots, methods of counting or why it take so long for results to be known. Instead they report, with condensation, implying it is ridiculous to consider any possibility of cheating now that the results are in their favor.

When their side is winning, there is no mention of Russian collusion or fraud. But that was the first thing used as an excuse if they lost. Mr. Biden’s family involvement with the foreign governments was completely ignored by saying “it was unverifiable”, in spite of hard evidence and first hand witnesses. This is exactly opposite the approach the media used when stories about the president were reported with anonymous sources and no evidence.

Saying “there is no proof of problems with mail in ballots” or that ballots received after the election should not be suspect, is incredible. The smug, condescending demeanor of the talking heads and suspect election officials claiming democracy has worked, is insulting.

The post office, doing its job of optimizing mailbox locations, is not voter suppression. Are we to believe their voters are that stupid that they can’t find another location to drop off their ballot if a neighborhood mailbox was moved?
The media has already declared the winner and the celebrations have started. It is like they are trying to run another play in a football game, before the red challenging flag is thrown.

The evidence of a rigged election is screaming from every corner of the country. Computer algorithms, used in corrupt foreign elections, are being found in the software in blue states. The program, hidden in the software, flips the results when the number of votes needed for their candidate to win are determined. It is incredible there is no questioning by the media when the number of votes cast exceeds the number of registered voters in certain precincts or when voter rolls show dead people voting or when ballot dumps show up with 100% voting for Joe Biden. What could possibly be wrong or suspect with the outcome if all this is happening?

Sadly, this election is not over. Right must prevail. This country cannot tolerate any hint of fraud that affect the final outcome. This election decides if we are to be a socialistic state or a constitutional republic. Nothing can be hidden from eventual truth and knowledge with our belief the truth always on the side of good. This is the foundation for our faith in God. These tribulations may be God’s way of having us continue to pray harder, as society has a tendency to be like the 10 lepers who were cured with only one returning to give thanks.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

Keith has a regular commentary on WJAG 780 radio at 7:40 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Check his website for past editorials.

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