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Editorial #227 “The Election Prayer” aired on November 3, 2020

Editorial #227 The Election Prayer

Everyone usually loves their original home and reminisces about how it was and how it has changed as they grow older. This love is due to the affection for our parents and grandparents who shared that home and stories about their life and times.

This is Election Day and the reminiscences of what our home and country was is on the line. The changes at stake are difficult to understand and lead to questioning why anyone would want to change or revise our way of governance. It is not perfect, but the best of all the other terrible alternatives.

Our pride for the Flag, Country and what it represents is being confronted with radical movements by BLM and Antifa who exploit situations to riot and loot in the name of free speech and racial equality. We have environmental extremists, who failed science class, demanding that CO2 be completely eliminate from the air we breathe at the cost of demolishing the entire fossil fuel energy infrastructure. We have abortion being praised as liberating and honorable and a way of eliminating any inconvenience to a woman who was convinced, by the woman’s equality movement, that she was oppressed by men.

There are attempts to eliminate any respect for law and order with open borders, allowing attacks on police while defunding their budget and replacing them with social workers. There are sanctuary cities allowing thugs and terrorists to destroy statues of our American heroes because of politically correct convictions that hurts the feelings of the “Snowflakes” that populate liberal arts schools.

We are tolerating the country being shut down until impossible goals of new Covid infections are reached or a vaccine is found, while the mortality rate for anyone under 65 a small fraction of 1%. Why do we allow these drastic, draconian measures, by unelected bureaucrats, that violates our rights to assemble, open our businesses or even go to church with actions that are unproven at best and may make matters worse?

Now the heavy handed desire of judicial activism is being openly advocated to advance legislation that would normally be intolerable, which we considered incredible when we read 1984 or Animal Farm. We are also finding our FBI to be suspect and possibly complicit in corruption, cover-ups and treasonous events.

We can only pray any of these efforts will not be the agenda of whoever wins the election for president and the results of this election will be without suspicion of fraud and peacefully accepted.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

Keith has a regular commentary on WJAG 780 radio at 7:40 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Check his website for past editorials.

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