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Editorial #202 “The Competitive Advantage of the Pandemic” aired on October 15, 2020

Editorial #202 The Competitive Advantage of the Pandemic

As with everything in life, it is never what happens but how we deal with what happens. We are in a deadly serious poker game with our health and our country in the pot. The game is called the election with the pot containing our constitutional republic and our economic freedom.

The opponent in this game is not above cheating and bluffing at every opportunity as demonstrated by eliminating God in their platforms, no regard for the unborn while treating illegals better than our veterans. They want to defund police while treating mask violators worse than looters. They claim they care about BLM and illegal immigrates but have accomplished nothing about which they have promised when they had black presidents like Clinton and Obama along with the Bush’s who were complicit. They only care when they want their votes but are actually more interested in advancing a new world order of population control and a socialist society.

This pandemic is playing right into their hand, improving their ability to bluff. The irony is we are being bluffed into ignoring our constitution, changing procedures which we considered unchangeable. It is unimaginable we could be bluffed into not opening our businesses, not going to church, not standing for our anthem, giving up for our rights to gather or being able to walk in the park? Why are we tolerating obvious ways to cheat the election, by allow illegals to be counted in our census and vote? Why do we allow mass mailings of ballots, no identification required and same day registration? What could possibly go wrong with any of this?

When did we decide to ignore everything about which we were warned when we read Huxley’s 1984 or Orwell’s Animal Farm? When did we decide to give up all the things to which we looked forward as a distraction, like sports? The commissioners and athletic directors of teams in blue states are buying into these ghost stories by shutting down games and limiting attendance. They are allowing the radical Marxist like BLM and Antifa insist we not play our “National Anthem” and demand we must agree at the risk of being declared racist.

To say our National Anthem is racist, political and divisive is the classic way revolutions start with the threat of retribution inflicted upon anyone who does not conform. This is right out of the play book for dictators.

These sorts of governments have never worked resulting it millions of deaths, putting their economy into shambles with no hope of a sustainable long term recoveries. But, before the pandemic, when our country was running like a business with the economy roaring and unemployment at record lows, the uproar of criticism was relentless for putting the economy above the pandemic.

They lull us into believing it is only a mask and things will be better if we all wear one. They accuse of not caring about others if you don’t. We should not gather in groups to pray or for funerals. We should stay inside to protect others. But it is OK to riot and loot, exercising their right of free speech while burning down buildings.

The deep state is using all these disasters and social unrest to fabricate a competitive advantage for themselves at the expense of the entire country while they continue to perpetuate hypocrisy, corruption and self-serving programs. They hope the low information voters will not notice. This is what they are counting on until it is too late.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

Keith has a regular commentary on WJAG 780 radio at 7:40 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Check his website for past editorials.

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