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Editorial #194 “The Politics of Science” aired July 21, 2020

Editorial #194 The Politics of Science

For deep state “scientists” to complain their predictions about man-made climate change and the pandemic projections are being ignored, is an insult to real engineering logic. Yet they demand civility from those who question their vacuous conclusions. The fact is their predictions have always been wrong. Their data is fabricated and constantly adjusted to meet their agenda. They are convinced a handful of twitter supporters represents a majority of the population adding the “consensus of scientists” makes it valid in spite of no supporting data, only extrapolations.

Projections regarding the severity of Covid-19 has been off by as much as an order of magnitude. National news media hypes situations where climate change deniers and those who don’t wear masks are called ignorant, selfish and stupid for not follow the consensus of the handful of unelected liberal elites who hate the country. They hate the President’s tweets because it works so well for him. He can make his position known, before they can recharacterize his tweets. Their agenda is always contrary and would result in anarchy with a society completely void of logic and personal responsibility.

The NFL and publically held companies are now also being intimidated into agreeing with this madness. They are convince their way to run the world would eliminate racism and the evils of capitalism in spite of the fact is that capitalism has worked better, for all races, than any other system in the history of the world.

They insist that eliminating all of the man-made CO2, which amounts to 1% of all Green House Gas, will save the planet. They ignore the fact that man CO2 levels have not been lower in over 50 years because of this pandemic. With Siberia having the hottest summer on record along with heavy rains and hurricanes approaching decade high levels, is proving the exact opposite. To reach these levels permanently would be a Herculean task in normal time. This is a near perfect test to see if reduced levels of man-made CO2 would have any effect on the natural warming of the planet that is occurring. So far it only got worse with the reductions.

All the perversions and atrocities have a common thread. Immigration, mail in ballots, voter id, discrimination, racism, pedophilia, human trafficking, abortion, global warming, pandemics and socialistic economics all are a part to advance a “New World Order” Their Master Game Plan must remain hidden or it will not work. The fake news and politicians must continue to fabricating the false accusations and narratives about their enemies, to divert attention from the very thing they are doing under a disguise of virtue signaling.

Illegal immigration spawns most of these atrocities. It is a cover for drug and human trafficking. It provides a source of low information voters who need to vote without ID. It provide babies used for grisly satanic rituals and well as body parts and fetuses for underground medical researchers looking for the fountain of youth. Aborted babies, baby parts and organs is a multi-billion dollar underground enterprise. Sexually trafficked girls are impregnated and become victims. Some of them dying, thrown away or thrown back into the dens of sexual predators like Epstein and Weinstein. The clientele involved number among the elites who dare not have their identities disclosed.

These are all the reasons the deep state hates Donald Trump. They reason for the war against him is because this would not have been exposed if Hillary Clinton won. Since she did not win, the destruction of the country is a small price to pay to keep it hidden.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

Keith has a regular commentary on WJAG 780 radio at 7:40 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Check his website for past editorials.

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