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Editorial #165 “Propaganda In Action” aired on April 9, 2020

Editorial #165 Propaganda in Action

The things that happen in society would be perfectly logical, if all the propaganda we hear was true. Instilling fear and urgency is a vital ingredient for propaganda to work. Propaganda has infected a large part of our educational system. Education no longer focuses on problem solving, but finding victims who have problems, demanding the government address them.

Education’s function is to teach the laws of nature that includes physics, chemistry, math, economics and biology. It is to condense past experimentation and research, so succeeding generations do not have to “reinvent the wheel”. It is supposed to teach how past problem solving techniques enhanced our ability to be self-sufficient and is the foundation of a successful life. Success and security comes from the confidence of knowing how to solve problems without throwing money at it. It is never what happens, but how we deal with what happens.

If someone demands that 2+2=6, that is propaganda. If told often enough, some will believe it. To increased efficacy, the propaganda is intensified by insisting: “It does equals 6 and, if you don’t believe it, your children will die”. You may then suspend your belief system, in order to save your children. Some will still challenge this by calling out the false choice. If the false choice is exposed by using logic, the propagandist will then say: “Let’s reach across the aisle and settle on 5”.

This is how education works today. It avoids reconciling the incredibleness of “5” when the student can’t balance their checkbook. When challenged further, their response will be: “Don’t worry, the government will help you balance your checkbook.”

This is how propaganda becomes dangerous and insidious in our society. Mistakes are “bought off” by saying: “Vote for us and we will take care of you.” Complacency is another ingredient needed for propaganda to be successful. Education is supposed to filter the evils of propaganda.

The entire concept of socialism is built on propaganda. Socialism has never worked. But, with this pandemic, this detested socialistic model is being used as the weapon of choice to defend our capitalistic economy.

The infection of socialism is difficult to defend before it becomes fatal to our economy. By the way this pandemic is being addressed, the cure is becoming worse than the sickness. This situation is being characterized with the false choice of: “Lives for the Economy”. This is propaganda and not true. The real choice is, as in any war, “Lives for Lives”.

9000 people die every day in the United States. The Covid-19 virus is estimated to cause another 200 each day. Shutting down the economy is forcing 330 million of us to succumb to the most deadly form of infection called socialism which will kill our country if we don’t get back to work.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

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