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Editorial #160 “It is Just Another Virus” aired April 7, 2020

Editorial #160 It is just another Virus

A world pandemic is rare but is not new. There were over a half dozen during the past 100 years, that few remember. Covid-19 virus is one of thousands of viruses that have plagued the world since the dawn of civilization. This pandemic has ambushed the world with a new seriousness that is affecting society in many ways. It is forcing changes in the way business is conducted, out of necessity and maybe permanently.

There are at least two other infections that are just as serious:

The first is the infection of political correctness that has been around for centuries. Not everyone is infected but it is hard to remain immune. If a lie is told enough times it becomes the new reality and is very contagious.

The second is the social media infection that started with the internet after WWII. Social media was born from this platform giving us Facebook, Snap Chat and Twitter as well as email and websites. It has allowed propaganda to infect society much more quickly and easily. The near panic we have because of this virus is being exacerbated by social media.
The old print and broadcast media were reasonably responsible and honest before the internet gave them competition. They realized accountability was important to remain credible. That no longer seems to be the case as national news is no longer news but a propaganda tool that sensationalizes it.

The internet infection has many bad actors who are Trojan Horses, making it difficult to identify. Because these actors are anonymous, they can say anything with no accountability or consequences. It can cause harm very quickly. Slander and liable do not exist on this platform. It makes cowards, who have no credibility, knowledge, facts, experience or honest motives, into social warriors. It is the perfect propaganda tool and is used to indoctrinate FB users who are subliminally exposed.

It is free and very lucrative for the internet providers who claim they are only providing a service. The provider has no incentive to be honest if it advances their agenda and they will plead innocent if their agenda is question. They filter content they don’t like and become immensely wealthy through their ads, typifying the adage: power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Providers are more powerful than our Federal Government because control of social media is concentrated in the hands of a few, wealthy people. The United State Government has only 536 elected politicians who should not be for sale.

I admit I am infected with the Facebook virus and I am taking measures to cure myself of this infection by not touching it. It is very harmful when it makes contact with your mind. I rationalized staying engaged with FB because I used it for news. That makes as much sense as using toilet paper to study tax law. There is so much junk on FB that few see any of it. The Yogi Barra aphorism applies: “That place is so busy, no one goes there anymore.”

Dialogue with people on FB, most of whom you will never meet, to change their mind is futile. These people are part of the problem and not part of any solution that makes the world a better place. I finally realized that Facebook was making me part of the problem.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

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