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Editorial #102 Media Bias aired September 17, 2019

Editorial #102 Media Bias

With Congress back in session, the avalanche of fabricated news events like impeachment, collusion, corruption, racism, tariffs and staffing issues will start again in order to distract from the booming economy and the historically low unemployment.

By definition news is always bad. If it were good, it would not be interesting and advertisers would not get the eyeballs they need. History is old news about mistakes and dysfunctionalities of past decisions. I like history but to say we should learn it so we don’t repeat the past, makes as much sense as watching the 2015 Super Bowl to know not to throw an interception on the 1 yard line, it is interesting but not helpful. The interest in history is the same as the irresistible urge to watch a car wreck. It is interesting but all we can learn from watching a car wreck is don’t have one and hope one won’t happen to you in the future.

To study of all the things that could go wrong is infinite while there is usually only one right answer to any problem, usually found in economic, physics or chemistry books.

The media is struggling with all the good economic news. They take “push poll” with questions like: “Do you like the bad economy we having?” Or: “Do you believe the country is going into recession?”
Of course, nobody likes a bad economy but after weeks of the media hyping: “the country may be heading into a recession”, they will get people to agree. The pollster then declares that everyone thinks we are in a recession and they don’t like it. They then ask if they blame the president. The other ploy is to give credit to the previous administrations for any economic or security successes because the old administration did not have enough time to see if their plan worked. My editorial, #74, on “Fake News” addresses this syndrome.

News is supposed to be information about which we should decide what action to take,like a severe weather warnings. It is not news if it shapes opinions or promotes a dishonest agendas. That is propaganda and we are supposed to learn what the difference is in school.

Why is this happening? It is because of the political correctness movement has infected our schools and the media. PC demands tolerance for dysfunctionality and saying it is not polite to talk about religion or politics. They don’t want anyone talking because it spurs debate that is logical and contrary to what the media is telling us to believe.

The media will never report good news. It is important they talk the economy into a recession and that man is destroying the planet. They insist the president is racist, continue to claim the election was rigged, demand gender studies be taught in schools, say illegal immigrates are not breaking the law, taking our guns will make us safer, say it is OK to kill a baby after it is born and insist that Sharia law is freedom of religion. It is also vital they tie all these issues to the current administration as good news does not sell advertising or help any democrat.

All these distractions are designed to make it practically impossible for anyone to draw their own logical conclusions. It is a lot easier to tell the masses to insist on violating the laws of physics and economics if no one knows what they are. If they are told 2+2=5 enough times sooner or later, a majority will agree that facts no longer need to be true.

This explains why Nebraskans who live outside of the big cities are typically conservative. They possess traits that make them self-sufficient, logical, independent and frugal. They realize that nothing worth having is ever free. They teach their children these values and don’t expect the government to care for them from the cradle to the grave. This is what makes Nebraska great but, sadly, it is not for everyone.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

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