Keith Kube for Legislature

Editorial #22 Gun Control November 7, 2017

There is an old political activist saying: “Never let a good disaster go to waste”. The rash of tragedies over the past weeks and months causes this saying is to be constantly invoked to make the most out of these senseless acts of violence.

The most logical thinkers know there is no law that would prevent any one of these senseless acts. But in an effort to make the best use of these horrible events the politicalization card must be played to advance a liberal agenda.

We all know that cars do not cause accidents or run into people, airplanes were not the cause of the 9-11 and, of course, guns do not cause these senseless murders. They are all caused by people with motives that are irrational, ridiculous and perverted or brain washed into doing things to become a martyr for a cause that make no sense to us.

The typical liberal approach is the take guns away from every law biding citizen with the logic being if there were fewer guns the criminals would not have access to them. They forget the reason for the second amendment is to stop any attempt by a government, who would have all the guns, from oppressing its citizens. Liberals also forget criminals do not follow the law.

Stricter gun laws never stopped crime. Chicago has the strictest gun laws in the country while having the highest gun death rate of any city in the United States.

The most logical answer in this gun issue, that is completely off the radar for any liberal gun control advocate, is not that there are too many guns, but too few guns to defend ourselves before the law enforcement officers can arrive. If there were more concealed gun carry permits, there would be fewer “soft targets”. Any robbery or terrorist attack would be immediately foiled or stopped before hundreds are killed or hurt. Law enforcement can not be everywhere all the time. We must learn how to take care of ourselves without relying completely upon the government. The government is reasonably good at helping after a tragedy, but not very good at preventing or minimizing them.  Putting a “Gun Free Zone” sign on any building in the country should be illegal because it is fundamentally unconstitutional.

There will always be homicides. They were around before the time of Christ and there will always be homicides in modern society, with or without guns. The logical outcome of unlimited access to guns, with concealed carry permits, would be fewer soft targets to hit. There would probably be the same number of homicides, but far fewer robberies and terrorist attacks. If someone want to kill somebody, they will probably find a way to get it done, somehow. Even a homicidal maniac doesn’t want to be killed before he executes his plan. Our job as citizens is to help the police do their job as they can’t be everywhere all the time to protect us from ourselves.

The irony is, these examples are the symptom and not the problem. The problem is the constant attempt to create more victims that would advance a socialistic government agenda designed to take care of all of us. There is also an infection of political correctness and situational ethics that encourages the acceptance of perversion and/or dysfunctionality.

Issues like man made global warming, abortion, health care, gun control or welfare programs and designed to make “New Laws” that simply put bureaucracies in place to take care of us so these victims can re-elected these bureaucrats who want society to be completely depended upon the government.

The common denominator in any liberal agenda is population control, both in size and demeanor, where everyone is expected to be subservient and dependent on the government with any means of resistance minimized or eliminated.