Keith Kube

Editorial #25 Music December 12, 2017

At this time of the year, more than any other time, music is the universal form sensory stimulation that brings a rush of reminisces, uplifting spirits and joy to everyone who hears it.

The art form of music does not just happen. It is a result of generations of tradition, practice, parental urgings and hard work that is appreciated by everyone, especially by those who regret not continuing to take music lessons when they had the chance.


Editorial #24 Our Public Libraries November 24, 2017

As part of promoting any book, I have been fortunate to tour almost all the libraries in northeast Nebraska as well as many libraries in other states. I have made several observation that are concerning regarding these depositories of written materials.

In the time before the internet and electronic media, our founding fathers had the foresight to build a place where a copy of every book written could be housed. This concept is marvelous and comforting,


Editorial #22 Gun Control November 7, 2017

There is an old political activist saying: “Never let a good disaster go to waste”. The rash of tragedies over the past weeks and months causes this saying is to be constantly invoked to make the most out of these senseless acts of violence.

The most logical thinkers know there is no law that would prevent any one of these senseless acts. But in an effort to make the best use of these horrible events the politicalization card must be played to advance a liberal agenda.


Editorial #21 Taxes and Unintended Consequences November 7, 2017

Taxes and Unintended Consequences

Sky high property Taxes and the unintended consequences that will follow, if not addressed, is very serious problem for rural Nebraska. When addressing any problem, the only things that matter in the analysis are the similarities and finding what dysfunctionality made it into a problem.

History and network news tells us about all the things that went wrong which is about as helpful as using only your rear view mirror to drive a car and never looking at the map.


Editorial #19 Economic Growth Simplified November 2, 2017

Economic Growth Simplified

In the world of governmental bureaucracies that provide “SERVICES”, I have consistently found their agenda was to make things as complicate as possible so citizens feel they have no alternative but to use their help or hire someone to deal with what that bureaucracy requires. Their other agenda seems to be one of always addressing the symptom, never the problem because the bureaucracy would be out of business if the problem was solved.


Editorial #18 Conservatives and Liberals October 26, 2017

Conservatives and Liberals

In my commentaries on the art of compromise along with understanding of what leadership and democracy is, we established this country is a republic, not a democracy and it is to be ran by managers, not leaders or dictators, that “WE THE PEOPLE” hire through elections.

These elected managers are supposed to reflect our personal preference that fall into two categories call liberals and conservatives. Of course there are variations among members of these two groups,


Editorial #20 Perfecting the Question October 26, 2017

Perfecting the Question

We live in a world where news is never about the goods things that are happening, but only about things that are wrong or dysfunctional. In looking at health care, the budget, the debt, immigration, tax reform, international security or whether the Russians hacked the election, all these issues are not the actual problem but simply the media “Whining” about symptoms of these dysfunctionalities.

It is sad, but good news and things that are going right is boring and does not attract eye balls that sells advertising.


Editorial #17 Leadership and Democracy October 19, 2019

Leadership and Democracy

There are two fundamental misconceptions that are pervasive across this country. The first is the concept that the United State is a democracy and the second is this country is run by leaders. These misunderstanding are infecting any hope of having this country run as the founders intended.

The United States has never been a democracy and any attempt through a national constitution convention must be stopped because their hidden agenda is to move the country toward socialism.


Editorial #11 Problem Solving in a Democracy October 13, 2017

Perfecting the Question

For any problem to be solved, there is a fundamental principle that must be accepted. This principle in universal in both business and government as well as in life.

That principle is: There is only one right answer to ANY question!

This principle is fundamental to the use of all computers. If there is no agreement on the formulas or parameters programmed into the software, the results will not be useful,


Editorial #1a Property Taxes October 13, 2017


Property taxes will always be too high. This is irritating but not the problem. The real problem with property taxes is they are not fair compared to the urban areas of the state.

Rapidly rising farm property values caused this problem.  A disproportionate treatment occurred  between urban and rural families in funding schools as values often doubled.  This resulted in twice the tax with little additional income coming from that property.