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Property Taxes

Editorial #39 Property Taxes for January 31, 2019

Editorial #39 Property Tax aired January 31, 2019

There will be over 1000 bills introduced in our legislature this term with only a modest handful trying to address the most important and serious issue we have in Nebraska, Property Tax.  The seriousness cannot be underestimated and if not addressed immediately, nothing else will really matter as we will have a state with only poor people wanting to live off the government.

Practically every candidate in the past election cycle said they were going to try to fix property taxes but few are really taking it on and none have any new ideas as to what to do. 


Editorial #1a Property Taxes October 13, 2017


Property taxes will always be too high. This is irritating but not the problem. The real problem with property taxes is they are not fair compared to the urban areas of the state.

Rapidly rising farm property values caused this problem.  A disproportionate treatment occurred  between urban and rural families in funding schools as values often doubled.  This resulted in twice the tax with little additional income coming from that property.