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Editorial #18 Political Comparisons Aired December 31, 2018

Political Comparisons Aired December 31, 2018

During this period of political unrest and the constant bickering between various party affiliations, there is a new tactic consistently used to stifle debate.  The tactic is to refusal to allow any past examples of similar events in making a point of comparison.

It seems there is nothing the current president can to that does not meet with criticism or derision.  If the economy improves, it because of what Obama did while in office.  If unemployment goes down, it is due to the cutting of welfare benefits forcing more people to find work.  If a Republican wins it is due to collusion. It is seemingly impossible to for anything to happen that is not spun into a negative, against a conservative cause.

In conversations regarding current events, the new method of debate does not allow any contrast to similar past examples. The tactic is to block any attempt to show comparisons.  There are numerous examples of wrong doings by previous presidents, members of congress, candidates, congressional hearings or news events that are now considered out of bounds if brought up as an example of inconsistency, hypocrisy or unfairness.  The typical remark is: “the past has nothing to do with this, we are talking about right now!”

The interesting part is their solution is exactly the opposite to the way with which it was dealt in the past.  The past is ignored, swept under the rug or a simple slap on the hand was given as punishment with little news coverage of the outcome.  Today it ruins careers, impeachment it suggested or the charge of treason is leveled.

This is a result of political correctness, situational ethics and hypocrisy along with an agenda that seems to justify the use of any means possible, no matter how dishonest, as a method of criticizing if it helps achieve their desired outcome.

This also explains the “Fake News” phenomenon where things that were previous not considered news worthy, are now “Headlines” because it attacks a conservative message or individual.  The ingredient of social media exacerbates the problem with “bots” or “fake causes” now able to make seemingly insignificant events into major stories by recharacterizing them as a national outrage by a few individuals with a devious or self-serving agenda.

All we can do is be diligent and recognize these tactics when we see them and not let political correctness intimidate us into doing nothing if noticed.  Our founding fathers knew that apathy was our biggest enemy when protecting our core values of fairness, truth, sustainability and integrity as expressed in our constitution that created this great nation.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making Nebraska and our Country a better place.


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