Keith Kube for Legislature

Editorial #17 Leadership and Democracy October 19, 2019

Leadership and Democracy

There are two fundamental misconceptions that are pervasive across this country. The first is the concept that the United State is a democracy and the second is this country is run by leaders. These misunderstanding are infecting any hope of having this country run as the founders intended.

The United States has never been a democracy and any attempt through a national constitution convention must be stopped because their hidden agenda is to move the country toward socialism.

True democracy is a polite word for mob rule. If everyone is fair, honest, believes in sustainability and has integrity, it would work beautifully. But that is too much to hope for. Democracy means a bunch of people, a mob, could gather and vote to take your house. That is not fair, honest and smacks of hypocrisy. No one in that mob would like it if they had their house stolen from them. This happened in the French Revolution. The man who invented the Guillotine to help advance the age of enlightenment and democracy during the French Revolution lost his head in the process of advancing the cause he believed in.

The United State is a democratic republic where the rights of the individual are protected from mob rule through the Electoral College and a congress who is supposed the know difference….I hope.

The second point is we do not have leaders running our government. The government is run by managers who take direction as stated in the constitution from “WE THE PEOPLE” who hire, through elections, these managers to run the country in a fair, honest, sustainable way with no self serving agenda or another way of saying “with integrity”.

Leaders have names like Hitler, Kim Jong-un of North Korea, or Basher al-Assad of Syria. They are dictators who tell people what to do with severe consequences if anyone who does not follow their orders. All these countries tried democracy with the mob becoming so unruly that some “Alpha Male” eventually rose to the top and started telling very one what to do and the people liked it over the chaos of democracy.

The sad part is the people in these countries accepted this as an improvement over the chaos of a mob rule democracy with the ultimate outcome following the mantra, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

“We the people” are the leaders of this country and if “we the people” accept the violation of our core values of honesty, fairness, sustainability and integrity through apathy and indifference, we are doomed to eventually become a socialistic dictatorship.

Our lesson here is a democratic republic is a terrible form of government, but it is the best system in the world compared to all the other alternatives. If we don’t use it, understand it and everyone does not do their part in supporting our core values, we will lose it.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

Keith Kube, of Crofton, is a business analyst and author of two books on business management. During his career as an engineer, investment banker and business analyst he identified traits commonly overlook that are vital for all successful business operations. You can hear all his past editorials or review his books by going to his website: