Keith Kube for Legislature

Editorial #13 International Security August 17, 2017

The recent events with North Korea are the result of years of “kicking the can down the road”. Like all situations, where only the symptoms are addressed, the problem always becomes worse if not addressed directly.

Rewarding of bad behavior always breeds more bad behavior. The climate of political correctness is largely responsible for this result. North Korea is on the same spectrum as any social disorder that occurs today. The disrupters want attention and appeasement always leaving an option open to get more appeasement in the future when they misbehave again.

The politically correct approach is to be compassionate and giving. But this result in more demands and exploitation from the victims receiving that compassion. This happens with the Trojan Horse of immigration where compassion is rewarded with terror attacks by a few exploiting the system.

When riots occur, there is an unlimited upside with little down side. The rioters get tons of free stuff stolen from the stores they loot. The insurance and government assistance comes in to pay for repairs. The repairs require labor that comes from many of the same people who looted and destroyed the property they are now fixing.

On the world stage, there is a similar attitude from rogue state North Korea. The leaders tell the citizens they are being victimized which he exploits to fight this faux aggression. The only real solution is removal of any dishonest leader that does not care about his people through the voter box.

It is hard to understand how anyone could be so self centered to allow his citizens to suffer for his benefit. This sort of unfairness can not stand in our society. I want to believe this situation is self correcting and these leaders would be overthrown, eventually, by the citizens. These victims have nothing, much less weapons to overthrow this hypocrisy if the vote is not available. This is why we have the 2nd amendment in the United States, our protection from a dishonest government.

The only remaining peaceful solution in dealing with a rogue country that threatens us: Borrow money from them and/or do business with them. Not place embargos that only fuels more aggression of those who feel victimized.

No one will harm someone who owes them a lot of money or is their best customer. This is why government must run like a business by those who know something about salesmanship, instead of doing things like sanctions which only further upsets a potential customer.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

Keith Kube of Crofton is a business analyst and author of two books on business management. During his career, dealing with our 1000 businesses, he identified those traits commonly overlook, that were vital in all successful business operations.