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Ernie Chambers and his Dysfunctionality

The Purpose for Term Limits

The premise for term limits is fundamental to the proper function of our United States Government.

Anyone who opposes the concept of term limits is disagreeing with the purpose of our American Revolution.  We do not want to be lead by a king, we want to be managed according to the way the owners of the country agreed to, the U.S. Constitution.

Government is the biggest single business in any state or this country.  This huge business is owned by “We the people…” who hire managers to run this business responsibly.

The management positions in our Government have titles like president, senator and congressman.  They are not leaders.  They are the managers that “We the people” hire to provide security, infrastructure and make rules known as laws.  This system of government built by our forefathers, who were geniuses, was designed in a way that any idiot can run.  It is not more complicated than that.

The objective of these managers is to do their job and then ‘get out of the way’ and not leave a mess.  Most of these managers think they ARE leaders and insult us by thinking we can’t get along with out them.  The fact is they are leaving a mess and it is a form of job security.  Like the bookkeeper who has all the passwords, so they can’t fire her.

The best way to dispose of these inept proceduralists is term limits.  Three terms for Congressman, two terms for Senators and Presidents and Governors

Thank you for reading my opinion and I will do everything I can to promote term limits.


Editorial about Ernie Chambers Nebraska citizens have a unique responsibility in the governance of our state by the fact we have only a Senate in our Unicameral Legislature. Our House of Representatives consists of the citizens our state. That means we, the citizens, must be engaged in the legislative process and speak directly to all our senators when pressing issues arise. We must let our Senators know what must be done to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity. If these words are compromised in any way by a member of Our Legislature we have an obligation to voice our concern to our Senators. When Senator Chambers says he would “kill a cop if he had a gun” and “police have a license to kill” is bordering on treason and is sowing the seeds of anarchy. This language can not be tolerate by any elected official in the state or country and he must be impeached. This is not free speech, it is ‘yelling fire is a crowded theater” and undermines our system of law and order. If we do not express our outrage at these remarks, we are agreeing with these statements. If our Senators do not act to impeach, censor or force him to resign, they are also agreeing with these statements. This is no time for political correctness. Please call each senator to express your opinion and fulfill your obligation to act as a member of Nebraska’s House of Representatives.

Nebraska State Legislature 2015-2016

Sen. Roy Baker District 30 Lincoln 402-471-2620

Sen. Dave Bloomfield District 17 Hoskins 402-471-2716

Sen. Kate Bolz District 29 Lincoln 402-471-2734

Sen. Lydia Brasch District 16 Bancroft 402-471-2728

Sen. Kathy Campbell District 25 Lincoln 402-471-2731

Sen. Ernie Chambers District 11 Omaha 402-471-2612

Sen. Colby Coash District 27 Lincoln 402-471-2632

Sen. Tanya Cook District 13 Omaha 402-471-2727

Sen. Joni Craighead District 6 Omaha 402-471-2714

Sen. Sue Crawford District 45 Bellevue 402-471-2615

Sen. Al Davis District 43 Hyannis 402-471-2628

Sen. Laura Ebke District 32 Crete 402-471-2711

Sen. Curt Friesen District 34 Henderson 402-471-2630

Sen. Tommy Garrett District 3 Bellevue 402-471-2627

Sen. Mike Gloor District 35 Grand Island 402-471-2617

Sen. Mike Groene District 42 North Platte 402-471-2729

Sen. Ken Haar District 21 Malcolm 402-471-2673

Sen. Galen Hadley District 37 Kearney 402-471-2726

Sen. Matt Hansen District 26 Lincoln 402-471-2610

Sen. Burke Harr District 8 Omaha 402-471-2722

Sen. Robert Hilkemann District 4 Omaha 402-471-2621

Sen. Sara Howard District 9 Omaha 402-471-2723

Sen. Dan Hughes District 44 Venango 402-471-2805

Sen. Jerry Johnson District 23 Wahoo 402-471-2719

Sen. Bill Kintner District 2 Papillion 402-471-2613

Sen. Rick Kolowski District 31 Omaha 402-471-2327

Sen. Mark Kolterman District 24 Seward 402-471-2756

Sen. Bob Krist District 10 Omaha 402-471-2718

Sen. John Kuehn District 38 Heartwell 402-471-2732

Sen. Tyson Larson District 40 O’Neill 402-471-2801

Sen. Brett Lindstrom District 18 Omaha 402-471-2618

Sen. John McCollister District 20 Omaha 402-471-2622

Sen. Beau McCoy District 39 Omaha 402-471-2885

Sen. Heath Mello District 5 Omaha 402-471-2710

Sen. Adam Morfeld District 46 Lincoln 402-471-2720

Sen. John Murante District 49 Gretna 402-471-2725

Sen. Jeremy Nordquist District 7 Omaha 402-471-2721

Sen. Patty Pansing Brooks District 28 Lincoln 402-471-2633

Sen. Merv Riepe District 12 Ralston 402-471-2623

Sen. Jim Scheer District 19 Norfolk 402-471-2929

Sen. Ken Schilz District 47 Ogallala 402-471-2616

Sen. David Schnoor District 15 Scribner 402-471-2625

Sen. Paul Schumacher District 22 Columbus 402-471-2715

Sen. Les Seiler District 33 Hastings 402-471-2712

Sen. Jim Smith Disttict 14 Papillion 402-471-2730

Sen. John Stinner District 48 Gering 402-471-2802

Sen. Kate Sullivan District 41 Cedar Rapids 402-471-2631

Sen. Dan Watermeier District 1 Syracuse 402-471-2733

Sen. Matt Williams District 36 Gothenburg 402-471-2642

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