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Editorial #98 Presidential Candidates aired September 3, 2019

Editorial #98 Presidential Candidates

With a presidential election coming next year, there is over a score of people saying they want the job. It is amazing that over 90% of the candidates for president have little or no education or experience in business, only in government. One would think, anyone who wants that job would have extensive experience in business since the Federal Government is the biggest business in the world.
Government must run like a business with a chain of command, checks and balances that has a simple mission statement we call a constitution which says: Provide security, infrastructure and make laws that are fair, truthful and sustainable with integrity. The business plan is to invest tax dollars in things that minimizes future expenses. The budget is the priority of projects that eliminates the most future expenses and is not used to buy votes. Government should not spend money if it doesn’t reduce future costs.

It takes no talent to give away your money. It takes no talent to agree with everyone. If one does not stand for something, one stands for nothing. Most presidential candidates were responsible for areas of the country where crime is high, poverty is rampant, debt is extreme, street are filthy and law enforcement is weak and have no accomplishments that solved any problems. If this is their resume for president, how do they think they can do the job of providing security, handle the budget, clean the environment and stop crime?

How can this happen in a country that survived and thrived on patriotism, self-reliance, law and order, honesty and frugality? This happened because of apathy. People don’t seem to care or they think that someone else will take care of problems regardless of how or if they vote.

They forget we are a government of the people, by the people, for the people with a sense self-reliance that is no longer taught in our public schools. Instead, blame is taught with talking points and complaints of how the government is not doing enough to help with the trials and tribulations of life.
Learning how to use social welfare systems is a large part of education today along with encouragement to express themselves and be free to act dysfunctionally. Little is taught about how government works, what liberty means or problem solving. They are not teaching about their responsibility to society and to be part of the solution. Instead they encourage supporting the liberal cause that is political correct, with the kids not realizing they are becoming part of the problem.

All this is happening because of apathy and being unaware, like the frog in the boiling pot where it is slowly being boiled to death, not knowing what is happening until it is too late.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

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