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Editorial #65 Tax and Spending aired May 2, 2019

Editorial #65 Tax and Spending

There is an old Chinese Saying: The situation is impossible but not serious. This seems to be the attitude of our State Legislature in dealing with our huge property tax problem. The current excuse used by the state is they do not have control over local taxing authorities. This situation IS very serious and it is NOT impossible to fix. Since 1992 property taxes have consistently risen with every measure to reduce property tax resulting in tax increases after 2 years (the time of one legislative session)

Over the past 50 years our legislature has managed to place Nebraska #2 nationally in state and local taxes with 49% being property taxes. This has not decreased since 1992. Only Illinois taxes more. The legislature has no control on state or local spending. This can no longer be an excuse.

Our property valuation system is archaic with no desire by the legislature to reform it. Since 2000, 510 property tax bills have been introduced to address property taxes. In that same time, property taxes increased 250%. The legislature must curb local spending by rewriting the laws governing local property taxation, making cuts in local spending as the state reins in this abuses.

The only way to address this is through a ballot initiative with a constitutional amendment passed by the people, not legislature. It is permanent unless the voters decide to repeal it. It makes the state responsible for curbing local spending by rewriting the taxation rules for all of the local government entities. It forces the state to make cuts in spending. Currently there are 2500+ local property taxation entities in the state, 1 for every 677 citizens!

There is a Kick-Off Rally for property tax relief, tomorrow May 1 at noon, on the north steps of the Capitol. It is to jump-start the petition drive to place TRUE property tax relief on the ballot in 2020. This constitutional amendment will stop wasting time on meaningless rhetoric that is: “all sound and fury signifying nothing.” We the people must fulfill our role as the other house and get this initiative on the ballot.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place by checking my website for details.

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