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Editorial #63 Islamic Invasion aired May 23, 2019

Editorial # 63 Islamic Influence on U.S.

There is major contagion is surfacing in the world and it is not the measles. It is the terrorist attacks on innocent Christian and Jews around the world and is becoming a major concern in our country with the media giving little attend to what is happening. It is the infection of Islamic Law into our culture known as ISIS. ISIS means the Islamic State of Iran and Syria with their religion being Muslim. If this infiltration is not addressed, we will no longer have one Nation under a Christian God, but under their god, Mohammad with all the other serious problems no longer mattering because we will no longer be a Constitutional Republic as a country.

The only purpose of the Islamic faith is to promote their laws and way of thinking. It justifies killing anyone who opposes it. This is the hardest enemy we can ever face as they want to die more than we want to live, believing their place in heaven is elevated by becoming a martyr. Greater glory is given to any martyr and their family for killing an infidel to their religion which includes all of us.

This is a Trojan horse disguised under compassion and political correctness. Muslims come into our country, more or less legally, quietly assimilate, growing their numbers, run for office and get elected in districts where they congregate. They take their oath of office on a Koran and with congress changing the dress code allowing women to wear the hijab in the house chambers. They support more immigration as the way to grow their cause by gathering those votes. Muslims are confident they can convert anyone who does not believe in Islamic law, because few of us have the conviction to die for our religious beliefs, as Muslims are commanded to do by their religion.

The women of the Islamic movement also have a single purpose: To raise their children to die for their cause. They actually hate non-Muslims more than they love their own children as they are treasured as future soldiers who will also die for their cause. The women accept the abuse of their misogynous male figures and tolerate all atrocities as their contribution to the cause. They claim to be a religion of peace and honesty but justify lying, cheating and killing if it is done to advance the teachings of Mohamad. Hypocrisy is perfectly acceptable if it advances their agenda. This means it is practically impossible to negotiate with true Muslim believers because they cannot be trusted and are encouraged to mislead when it advances their cause. This explains how sleeper cells develop in quite neighborhoods with potential terrorist, of seemingly nice likeable individuals, silently growing in our midst.

The actuaries of the Islamic population is over 4 children per couple compared to less than 1.8 children for US citizens. They have nothing to lose and all the time in the world to advance their mission based on the selflessness of their conviction in their cause. Thomas Jefferson realized this, as president, after our American Revolution and initiated wars to combat this Islamic threat involved in pirating of American ships as that was the way of financing their cause. Oil from Muslim countries finance their cause today. This is why our president is sanctioning any country who buys oil from Iran.

Our first temptation is to kill them or start an ethnic cleansing movement by declaring war on them. This is not an acceptable or Christian solution. Cutting the ability to finance their war is the second best approach as Muslims do need to eat. The best and most Christian approach is to convert them. The Islamic terrorist is not born just like we are not born Christians, Jews or atheist. They are raised through training and indoctrination with a method that surpasses our own conviction to live our value systems of fairness, truth, sustainability and integrity. This must start in our schools and include national public service after high school.

It will take generations to reverse our decreasing birth rate. To keep our country, we must be willing to live, teach and practice the principles of our founders. The economic sanction on those countries who support ISIS also vital.
Our current trend of accepting political correctness and diversity, is a classic example of the frog in the boiling pot. We must teach our values in schools, churches and personal lives. We cannot accept the propaganda of saying is it not nice to talk about religion or politics. By not talking about or teaching this, is exactly what they want. They want to be considered as oppressed, not drawing attention to what is happening. They do not want their hypocrisy exposed. They want the media to tell us what and how to think about other distracting issues. We have a great country with a value system that is approaching one of the longest most successful runs in history which is a constitutional republic. Are we prepared to work to keep it?

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

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