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Editorial #57A Political Responsibility aired April 2, 2019

Editorial #57A Political Responsibility April 2, 2019

It is always in times of adversity that weak links in any system are exposed. These weaknesses were made perfectly apparent with the devastating floods we experienced in March. In any emergency there is an expectation that decisions will be made quickly. These decisions are not unique or unusual. They are time tested and proven to be the best given the situation. This is why it is so important to have elected officials have real business experience before being elected. This is not the time to learn on the job or to take a poll to ask what should be done. We elected individuals to make those hard decisions to manage our resources in times like this.

This emergency was devastating and unique for many but it is not unlike similar situations that happen all over the world on an all too regular basis. Our government has the responsibility to provide security for its citizens from threats foreign or domestic, natural or man-made like with 9-11, major fires, tornados and hurricanes examples which cause great losses of life and property.

The objective after any disaster is to return to normal as soon as possible, using money, man power and equipment to do this as efficiently as possible. The chain of command is the governor, legislature and elected city officials who are in those position because they have experience and contacts for managing problems from their life’s work. This should have been the only reason they were elected. Their job is to do what we would do in the same situation without having to ask permission. Politicians should win elections because of what they did in the past, successfully, and not because of what they will do appease the special interests that funded their election.

Their most vital function in providing coordination in making available resources of equipment and labor to solve the problem. Loans, grants and charity are sources for needed cash and should be handled in the same way as any other business decision. Nebraska Strong and Flood Relief 2019 through local banks and County Extensions are coordinating these resources. They are making sure that investment is used to eliminate or reduces future expenses and goes to those who really need it. Links to these resources are under contacts on my website.

Everything needed is available to restore normality. It simply needs to be coordinated so the money and resources are available to make that happen. This means our elected officials must facilitate contacts, lenders and programs to restore normalcy and not only be a cheerleader. Gatherings should not be pep rallies or long term planning sessions with excuses for why things are not getting done. No one wants that when their house is destroyed and they have no food or water with their very livelihood threatened.

Rural Nebraskans are independent thinking, hard-working farmers, ranchers and business owners who are often too proud to accept charity. They are very suspicious of bureaucrats who have little experience or back ground in handing business issues like how to make a community viable again.

One of the best most efficient, non-bureaucratic and practical approaches being coordinated is by our local newspapers. They will publish a list of needs and wants with contacts to make distance between the two parties is as short as possible. Each community will appoint a coordinator so the right assistance is delivered quickly. If these sources are coordination by local citizens, that makes us proud to live in “no place like Nebraska”.

This is Keith Kube thanking all of you, who are helping us survive this disaster and for making the world a better place.

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